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GGG, the ADA of gaming....huuuur i gotz mai skilz.
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How do you intend to address the desync issue in pvp? ATM I don't think PVP is very 'playable' as the game desyncs so much.


I've never desynced in pvp, at least I haven't noticed, have probably done about 30 best of 9s.

Really hope they nerf bear trap into the ground though, I have a spare bear trap on my offhand I switch out just for pvp against people who use bear trap. Bear trap is incredibly OP for pvp and makes it boring.

Also I hope they do something to make evasion viable. Right now its way too risky since it's useless against RT, lioneyes, kongors and EK.

You need more pvp experience.
GGG, the ADA of gaming....huuuur i gotz mai skilz.
IGN: MullaXul
Will dueling in hardcore will be lethal? As in permadeath?

I have quit POE due to lack of PVP, well never really got into it.... And perma death dueling can absolutely bring me in! I am sure I am not alone on this.

Please GGG, provide that info....

Will dueling be fatal in harcore mode
Lots of people are still waiting for some more simple PVP .
Like it was in D2 .

Probably a specific "Cutthethroat" league

It was in the beta specs , wasn't it ?

Thanx for your wonderfull job .
Its fun .

h3rp3s wrote:
Open PvP please. It's all we want.

A permanent CutThroat league is what we want .

Perhaps you could do a specific passive tree "Above" ( in 3 dimensions )
with connections ( Y axe ) to the old one .

Floor 1 : PVE
Floor 2 : PVP

It could be fun !
and we wont get any nerf in PVE .

bad idea ?

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MullaXul wrote:
Bottom line is, whats the image of pvp GGG is after.

A bunch of pussies crying that everyone's not the same level,using the same gear so its not fair for them. The same pussification most of the world now embraces day to day. Whats next do you want to be a 6 figure salary pro mma fighter too. But you can't fight and everyone has to be the same weight/height and discipline as you so its fair? If you win you're a bad ass, if you lose its because the guy didnt take a dump that morning and weighs 1-2lbs more so it was imbalanced.

Or true pvp'rs that understand theres imbalance in things. That theirs build diversity and match up knowledge and gear grinding all to be the better player. That its not an "item check" because only a douche can make such a claim when you have passive tree and gem diversity that can make a lower level character counter a higher level one (match ups,knowledge...diversity). That only "bitch" about balance in regards to certain overly broken features, with the ultimate goal being more diversity and less cookie cutter pvp. This pvp is fine as it is,it requires a few tweaks and ideally a more open hostility button approach. But as is, its doing what it should be. If you aren't at the same level skill/item/character/build wise as someone else...get there.

This guy gets it.
Completed 16 ChallengesManiaa wrote:
IF you don't split PvP and PvE part (the fact that you NEED a PvE oriented build to get currencies, items and level to play in PvP), it's most likely going to stay as it is actually : no one really give a fuck because if you build a character for PvP, he sucks for PvE.

Easy suggestions on top of my head :

- Dedicated Passives Tree for PvP : you're using any of your character, but he can use a differente passive tree for PvP only.
- Normalize level in PvP : others games did it successfully, for example, everyone is level 50, 80, 100 it doesn't matter, just everyone have the same level. Then, you don't have to "farm PvE" to get PvP advantage.
- Make some items and/or currencies and/or uniques bound to account and bound to PvP only. For example, Kaom's Heart (and some others uniques) might unbalance the PvP. If everyone can get them (for PvP only, with coins, tokens or what even you would like), it'll solve a big balance problem. I don't see how a lvl.95 player with Kaom + 6L versus a lvl.80 player with 5L "only" and a bad weapon can be equitable, no matter what spec they're gonna use.

In fact, I sure the best thing that can happen to PoE is a PvP Tournament with a format like Descent Champions : everyone roll a fresh new character, with the same level (for ex, 80). You start with a predetermined Chest with currencies, and you have time to roll your items and plan your build before the tournament start. Everyone is lvl.80 with the same amount of currencies (like 50 Chaos, 10 Exalts, 1 Eternal etc... New currencie : Orb of Unique), and you can buy white items from Vendors.

If the current PvE can benefit future PvP tournaments, it will not work. Mark my words.

This is literally the worst set of ideas I came to see in PoE forum. What you want already exists. Its called a "MOBA"...
so excite
Endgame Items shop +gems+unis++

Killing double 78 courtyard boss solo
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Just one question.
How do you deal with legacy items in standard/hardcore leagues?

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