PvP Progress Update

No worries about delays, there are people here that do have patience and i appreciate what you have done so far and you will do even greater things in the future. Keep it up GGG.

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How do you intend to address the desync issue in pvp? ATM I don't think PVP is very 'playable' as the game desyncs so much.
Blah wrote:
How do you intend to address the desync issue in pvp? ATM I don't think PVP is very 'playable' as the game desyncs so much.

Stop whining about desync, there are enough posts and threads already.
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Completed 3 Challengesgreg2367 wrote:
I know you probably won't see this, GGG, but please, heed my advice.

I don't think PoE has what it takes to be a series competitive PvP game. D:

I know this might be something you don't want to hear, especially because this was one of the promises that was made in the mission statement of the game, but I must say it.

There seem to be too many systems already in place within the game that warp the metagame too much. Resolute Technique makes all evasion worthless, for example. And if that wasn't the case, then Blind/Enfeeble would make any non-Resolute Technique attacks not viable.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like the lengths that you as a dev would have to go to create a rewarding PvP environment wouldn't be worth the effort.

I hope you prove me wrong of course, but I fear you will waste too much of your precious time resources on this, in my opinion, futile endeavor.

Best of luck as always!

Not everyone is going to get RT, lol. In fact, getting RT greatly reduces your potential damage with crit, so you'll be doin shit in pvp.

There are also a lot of counter attacks you can do against a lot of certain builds, you just have to spec towards that.
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Will be a nice Addition^^
Completed 30 ChallengesManiaa wrote:
IF you don't split PvP and PvE part (the fact that you NEED a PvE oriented build to get currencies, items and level to play in PvP), it's most likely going to stay as it is actually : no one really give a fuck because if you build a character for PvP, he sucks for PvE.

Easy suggestions on top of my head :

- Dedicated Passives Tree for PvP : you're using any of your character, but he can use a differente passive tree for PvP only.
- Normalize level in PvP : others games did it successfully, for example, everyone is level 50, 80, 100 it doesn't matter, just everyone have the same level. Then, you don't have to "farm PvE" to get PvP advantage.
- Make some items and/or currencies and/or uniques bound to account and bound to PvP only. For example, Kaom's Heart (and some others uniques) might unbalance the PvP. If everyone can get them (for PvP only, with coins, tokens or what even you would like), it'll solve a big balance problem. I don't see how a lvl.95 player with Kaom + 6L versus a lvl.80 player with 5L "only" and a bad weapon can be equitable, no matter what spec they're gonna use.

In fact, I sure the best thing that can happen to PoE is a PvP Tournament with a format like Descent Champions : everyone roll a fresh new character, with the same level (for ex, 80). You start with a predetermined Chest with currencies, and you have time to roll your items and plan your build before the tournament start. Everyone is lvl.80 with the same amount of currencies (like 50 Chaos, 10 Exalts, 1 Eternal etc... New currencie : Orb of Unique), and you can buy white items from Vendors.

If the current PvE can benefit future PvP tournaments, it will not work. Mark my words.

Having a separate pvp tree is an okay idea. But complaining that you have to pve to pvp is asanine, this is a an arpg. I started my 82 duelist with a build that I designed specifically for pvp. I swap one gem out and it works fine in pve. Not a huge deal. If your build blows shit up in pve but then you get wrecked in pvp and wish you took every health node, then that's your problem. In fact, being able to farm with a pve build and then switching to a pvp build almost seems like cheating. Additional passive nodes for pvp would be cool though.

As far as uniques go, giving everyone a Kaom's would be nuts and would piss a lot of people off. Also, nobody would try a build that DIDN'T use Kaom's then, and there wouldn't be any variety. I like meeting a new player and trying to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. Don't make this like WoW where everyone has the same shit. Also, Kaom's won't save you against my duelist.
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cant wait also :)
Thanks for your hard working guys!
Blah wrote:
How do you intend to address the desync issue in pvp? ATM I don't think PVP is very 'playable' as the game desyncs so much.

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h3rp3s wrote:
Blah wrote:
How do you intend to address the desync issue in pvp? ATM I don't think PVP is very 'playable' as the game desyncs so much.


I've never desynced in pvp, at least I haven't noticed, have probably done about 30 best of 9s.

Really hope they nerf bear trap into the ground though, I have a spare bear trap on my offhand I switch out just for pvp against people who use bear trap. Bear trap is incredibly OP for pvp and makes it boring.

Also I hope they do something to make evasion viable. Right now its way too risky since it's useless against RT, lioneyes, kongors and EK.

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