PvP Progress Update

yea, for someones like me pvp can be the best endgame. Just make a lader, leagues etc, like starcraft, and there u have the best game of the year
I really wonder, that no one of the comments screamed for a Resilience Stat...

""Not the ppl with time to grind but the ppl with SKILL"

Where da Heck did all these Kids came from? I can remember a Time in Online Gaming, where we played PvP Games just for the fun, there were no Balance or Item Issues...

In these Times we had no Rewards, no Progress, no "Endgame" we could not even unlock a Weapon or somewhat, we played just for the "FUN"!

Why do i smell these E-Fame Kids, trying to waste just another Game with their pathetic Minds...

Kids, RL-PVP provides Rewards only in the rarest of all cases and will NEVER be balanced, so can you tell me why some ppl doing it?
Casuals have eaten my Hobby
Time to check ur gears!

get it?
Hardcore is how we play ™

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Have to say, that even though I am disapointed that the feature hasnt been implemented yet, I applaud GGG's conduct and manner in which they have communicated with the community about the reasons why it wasnt ready. Its refreshing to see a developer that actually cares about its player base this much.
Good news! So p v p will be event based for seasons or will run 365 days a year as timed events.
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keep up the good work !
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wha-what about the level cap for the event? obviously to balance it there has to be a level cap dosent there?
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Thank you for the update, just release it when you feel ready for release. Better to be perfect, like it is the standard in @GGG. We expect nothing more from our best developers ever, than perfection :P.

Best regards, Fary :)
GGG thank you for all the great things you are doing. You have combined every element of all other great Rpg's and joined them together as one Diamond, that will shine Forever.

This is coming straight from the heart <3

One word for PvP:

!!! Queue !!!

PoE PvP needs a Queue! That is why it is failing horribly at the moment and barely anyone does it, and when then only 1v1.

PvP should be the way, that you can just open a PvP menu, anywhere in the game, and queue for a PvP mode, WITHOUT having to stay still and stare at the screen! So you just go on with your stuff ingame. And when the queue system found someone, you are noticed and can port yourself with one click in the PvP area.

Also this queue needs a rough rating system, so that players in approximately the same level region and the same skill and/or item value region play against each other. Maybe also with something like a rating system (refer starcraft 2 ladder system).

Without this, PvP is and will always be a stillbirth in PoE.

Please focus on the important things! Not more and more useless unique items, new skills that no one needs instead of making the existing skills usable, etc etc... You need to choose wisely what your developement time goes into.
We want PoE to continue succeeding!
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