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Dear Cris i dont kwon how you can realyze usefull pvp. PVP in POE its one shot in most times. For Example=HP character 4000 and dps 2000+ or more. I dont see balance HP and Damage in PVP. 15 second pvp match its not fun. Who fast = win
Completed 7 ChallengesManiaa wrote:
Diablo 2 is old, and the PvP was a mess.
Let's not do the same mistakes again because a game did it 13 years ago.

Exactly, just because one ancient game did something a century ago doesnt mean another game from these days must copy those bad parts.
SpSell wrote:
Dear Cris i dont kwon how you can realyze usefull pvp. PVP in POE its one shot in most times. For Example=HP character 4000 and dps 2000+ or more. I dont see balance HP and Damage in PVP. 15 second pvp match its not fun. Who fast = win

There is a big damage penalty in PvP but you are right, matches are indeed over too quick.

I'm highly skeptical about PvP in PoE, mostly because of almost non-existing class distinction and 100% free skill choice. Prefect class blaance for PvP in games like this is impossible, but everybody using same two skills is just lame. And that's what happened in CB when people still played. It's bound to happen that at some point you step in one bear trap too much and just give up. I won't even start on itemization problems, let's just say gap between 'decent' gear and 'awesome' gear is too great here and nobody wants to play barehanded and nude.

A nice extra, but not worth messing with PvE for it, not by a longshot.
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Thank you Chris! This answered all of my doubts.
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Completed 7 ChallengesManiaa wrote:
IF you don't split PvP and PvE part (the fact that you NEED a PvE oriented build to get currencies, items and level to play in PvP), it's most likely going to stay as it is actually : no one really give a fuck because if you build a character for PvP, he sucks for PvE.

Easy suggestions on top of my head :

- Dedicated Passives Tree for PvP : you're using any of your character, but he can use a differente passive tree for PvP only.
- Normalize level in PvP : others games did it successfully, for example, everyone is level 50, 80, 100 it doesn't matter, just everyone have the same level. Then, you don't have to "farm PvE" to get PvP advantage.
- Make some items and/or currencies and/or uniques bound to account and bound to PvP only. For example, Kaom's Heart (and some others uniques) might unbalance the PvP. If everyone can get them (for PvP only, with coins, tokens or what even you would like), it'll solve a big balance problem. I don't see how a lvl.95 player with Kaom + 6L versus a lvl.80 player with 5L "only" and a bad weapon can be equitable, no matter what spec they're gonna use.

In fact, I sure the best thing that can happen to PoE is a PvP Tournament with a format like Descent Champions : everyone roll a fresh new character, with the same level (for ex, 80). You start with a predetermined Chest with currencies, and you have time to roll your items and plan your build before the tournament start. Everyone is lvl.80 with the same amount of currencies (like 50 Chaos, 10 Exalts, 1 Eternal etc... New currencie : Orb of Unique), and you can buy white items from Vendors.

If the current PvE can benefit future PvP tournaments, it will not work. Mark my words.

99% agree. But I wouldn't hope for it. Games with full 'gear-leveling-expirience-based' pvp always going to degradate and marginalisate their pvp community. Like in bad korean and chinese mmo-RPGs where new players never have any chances against to serious guys.
As self 'dick-meter' it's fine of course, but that kind of games never had nearby community, interesting ladder battles and other fair and motivating cyber-sport features witch motivating to watch these tournaments and damn worry about loved teams. Just kinda small local wars "storm in the glass".
I'm understand, it's kinda oldschool game aye, when you spend thousands hours to leveling and getting uber uniques, and reward is - you became godlike, in pve, in pvp, it's ok. But there is no drama, no self-skill contest, and millions audience will never watch this, as they watching now the LoL, dota, SC, CS, MK, GW tournaments, etc, etc. It's two absolutely different kinds of way, and i'm very doubt GGG will add cyber sport system in existing game. It means they should just make the new one game in old decorations, new skill balans, new gear ranks, new leveling system, and more new new stuff... They just dont have enough resourcers to do that, they are just small team enthusiasts, talended of course, but only this is not enough. Maybe in next years, maybe if they cooperate with another developers which have good experience about that, maybe... but... now it's just a fantasy. Existing pvp system it's a good way to motivate game veterans, high lvl guys, to know who's the 'best one', it's one more way give to top-streamers the new theme to show something interesting except pew pew spectral throw spaming, and 'wasting fusings when crafting 5-6L' shows.
amazing. cant wait
Eagerly waiting for this!

thanks again Chris and GGG!
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please stop talking u had the worst ideas i have EVER seen on this forum??!? unlimited currency?!?! every1 has the same level?!?!?! all gems full exp??! u do realize this is the worst idea ever and NO ONE will support this EVER.. ppl want to play their own character, many of us enjoy making a pvp character and pve character, and the point is to farm gear and use the hard earned / farmed gear to fight against other players, not getting everything handed to you, this is not GW2 now please stop talking.

What is your problem with Maniaas ideas?
At least, all players have the same opportunities and it depends on the skill of the individual and not on the loot luck or purchases from cash shops.
Or is exactly this your problem?
Are you in search of victims or enemies?

"Loot luck" is still there. There is a big difference between a perfectly rolled item and a decently rolled item. How many chaos will it take to roll up perfect everything? How long do people have patience?

I suspect those with patience for that are the same that go out and farm their "loot luck".

So problem not solved, just distorted. Maybe dampened a bit, but it's still there.
Thank heaven...
Was starting to wonder if you guys were having serious problems balancing/implementing these tournaments.

Now I just need an update on lifetime race rewards! :-p

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