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freestuff wrote:
How does desync work in pvp?

It will probably be unplayable. For those that experience desync if you think desyncing in PvE is bad, just wait until you get to see it in PvP.

I've seen some PvP videos and the player positions are constantly fluctuating. To be honest I'm surprised GGG is pushing for PvP with the netcode state as it is right now.

If you want to have PvP decoupled from PvE, but still maintain all aspects of a grinding-gear-game ... there you go:

- all PvP characters start at level 1
- the chars only have access to the stash, vendors and the arena (consider them captives ;) )
- PvPers cue up against players having the same level
- on kill, a char gets XP
- on win, a char gets XP and currency/gem rewards
- vendors sell only white items, but all of them level appropriate and all bases
- player trading is disabled

This system would make sure you carve your char out of nothing based on the rewards that you got by winning against other players. In the end you'd have high level PvP chars that never fought a monster but still went through the whole leveling thing.

Meta game would also be interesting. If you know there's this cool base item 5 levels ahead but your current weapon sucks ... buy new or save currency?

Tricky thing would be to balance off the currency and gem awards to facilitate build diversity. If e.g. someone comes up with a cool idea where he needs a certain gem twice but it is only offered once there would be a problem. Also we all know how much currency gets burned while crafting...

For the record, I dont think PVE and PVP need to be de-coupled, but I could see an interesting way to add a story element with your suggestion: Players can buy captive exiles as gladiators to compete against each other. The gladiator turns out to be a lvl 1 pvp character and your idea progresses from there.

If the meta game of currently designed pvp struggles, this might be an alternative. But honestly I think the player base as a whole in cunning enough to produce a pretty good meta game with out decoupling the two games.
Hey...is this thing on?
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Completed 1 ChallengeMullaXul wrote:
Bottom line is, whats the image of pvp GGG is after.

A bunch of pussies crying that everyone's not the same level,using the same gear so its not fair for them. The same pussification most of the world now embraces day to day. Whats next do you want to be a 6 figure salary pro mma fighter too. But you can't fight and everyone has to be the same weight/height and discipline as you so its fair? If you win you're a bad ass, if you lose its because the guy didnt take a dump that morning and weighs 1-2lbs more so it was imbalanced.

Or true pvp'rs that understand theres imbalance in things. That theirs build diversity and match up knowledge and gear grinding all to be the better player. That its not an "item check" because only a douche can make such a claim when you have passive tree and gem diversity that can make a lower level character counter a higher level one (match ups,knowledge...diversity). That only "bitch" about balance in regards to certain overly broken features, with the ultimate goal being more diversity and less cookie cutter pvp. This pvp is fine as it is,it requires a few tweaks and ideally a more open hostility button approach. But as is, its doing what it should be. If you aren't at the same level skill/item/character/build wise as someone else...get there.

Well said.

I've been pvp'ing pretty much straight since it was released in closed beta. For the most part if people are designing their builds specifically for pvp... melee, casters, archers, summoners, etc... are generally pretty equal. Kind of like a rock, paper, scissors approach.

Yes summoners. since I know people will qq about it. If you don't believe me, make a low life, dual redbeak, bear trap, faster casting, MI, molten shell, punishment summoner. It wrecks almost all melee.

A few tweaks need to be made but overall people understanding counters and knowing how to put a passive tree properly for pvp will out play an amazingly geared player with lesser knowledge of the former.
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Open PvP please. It's all we want.
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Thanks Chris. Your dedication to communication and responding to the players still amazes me.
Will there be a point system with rewards like in race seasons?

I'm not really interested in races but I'm always drooling over the alternate art items. I'd be super stoked if the pvp seasons had a similar setup.
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Awesome news overall. More PvP = better.
Hey, wasnt there some other company with a similar type game who said: oh sorry we didnt include pvp in our launch, we'll get it ready in 18 months or so :P
so will the american servers for pvp be just as much desync and PvE? shits gotten out of hand on the US servers (west coast) lately almost to the point of unplayable. seriously fix the fucking netcode and stop comming out with microtransactions
I am the type of player that really does not care about PvP. I just hope that this new dueling feature has a way to turn off receiving dueling request. Where in options you would be able to check an box and you will not get any request for PvP.

The reason I ask for this is because there will no doubt be some persistent players that will keep pestering you until you fight them. This is something that I would not want to be annoyed with.

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