PvP Progress Update

Can't wait to kick my friends' asses with the duel.
Exhale the warm air, wipe the mirror to the soul
As I tossed all my "sorry" to the sky.
I wish more focus was spent on desync rather than this type of stuff.
I don't get why people are so worried about gear grinding for PvP. That's what lvl 28 PvP is for. It is really not that bad to make a lvl 28 PvPer. I don't even play end game -- it's boring. I just mf on lvl 62 (my highest char) for lvl 28 items. It's honestly not hard.

As for dumping currency on lvl 28 characters; sure, rich players can do it faster, but there is only so much you can do with a lvl 28 character and THAT IS THE POINT. Let's face it, even for 20%q gems, the majority will not provide a noticeable benefit at lvl 28. Yes, there are some exceptions, and maybe as a result your build will cost a few exalted, but really, so what?

Yes summoners. since I know people will qq about it. If you don't believe me, make a low life, dual redbeak, bear trap, faster casting, MI, molten shell, punishment summoner. It wrecks almost all melee.

Nice summoner.

I'd be rightfully amazed if something besides bear trap and molten was suggested for pvp. Just the thing I was talking about some pages ago.
Есть один путь - наверх!

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Now how about a trade update?
Crafting doesn't exist in POE. Gambling does...and the house always wins.

Velocireptile - I LOL'ed. Which made me fart. I wish the office were empty right now :(

Hardlicker - I had to push the dog out of the way so I could get to the sexy quilt.
This is cool and all. But what I, and many other PvPs really want is the ability to re-create the blood moor duel scene of D2 classic. Please give us an area with a safe zone and a combat zone where FFA or 1v1 or even team pvp can take place. I would love to make a party called "Duels for Fools" and have 5 other people join and just beat the crap outa each other with our chrs and see who's king of the arena. This has way more accessibility, and appeal (for me at least) than best of 7 arenas.
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will desync be fix to? cyclone vs cyclone is pretty laggy and buggy
It really seems to be forgotten, since none even mentioned..
But, do someone even remember such a thing as a cutthroat league that was promised so long ago for us? It should have existed in between HC and standart, a permanent one.. Yet theres not a single word whether such a thing will come to light.
I dont know, but these kind of pvp tournaments seems like something that should have been put when the cutthroat is already running - a side attraction to the main fun?

Or am i just drunk and nuts for thinking such a thing?
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"Thanks for your patience! I'm really looking forward to competing in the first PvP tournament season."

will Chris own this tourney?


great news!

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