Dec 18: 1h Solo Cut-throat

BearCares wrote:
This was EPIC fun. Please support, further develop, polish the cuthroat league from the ruby that it is into an awesome diamond if that makes any sense. Develop it further that was really really fun.


Cold and lightning damage were raping melee on equal levels. The cookiecutter build with 2handers (phase run + flicker strike) however, really cuts almost everyone down instantly.

+ adds a whole new layer of suspension to the game.

+ makes the game truly hard, but satisfying from start on.

- desync

- people changing instances instantly, at least portals have a cooldown

2) Incur an exp penalty for high level players killing players several level lower.

For example guy 7 killing player that 3 lvl lower suffers death exp penalty.

This won't help, because players do not degrade from lvl 13 to 12 for example.
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When you go outside and you have long loading. Sombody w8ting at entrance and doing damage to you. Dont know how exactly working protection but need more time before starting combat after enter the area.

Anyway it was fun, good experience and it was very similar to Diablo 2 style
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Because this game worth it!
Thanks to Thyrandor.
BetaKey giveaway to silverthorn, Deadklok and whiskeycobra.
Diablo II memorial.
just got 1 kill, thanks to bear traps :) 2 others who invaded went out unfortunatly.
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Man, okay so I'm a fan of Kripparian, and I had his stream running on my second monitor, you know, watching his progress and stuff.

Anyway I just hit the mud flats with my buddy, and the second I look away, this guy named 'plzdontkillmebruh' comes and one shots both me and my buddy. I look over to my other monitor and I see on kripps stream both me and my buddies' corpse.

Probably my highlight of the whole thing. Did pretty shitty afterwards ahah
oups doubled...
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Kripp I enjoyed our 1v1, even though you ran away. Enjoy the stream btw
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SAVAGE !! Kappa
Hmm this is definetly too short.

Somehow I got stuck in the upper passage again and lost much time but after that I was hunting.
Not to mention PVP friends that joined my instance.

In the end I ran after grindis but guessed we would have used spark(Yeah I am stupid it's not a lvl 1 gem) so I didn't have saphire rings on and used 1 coral and 1 topaz and got frozen and lost once(Not to mention a stupid coves rip where I checked the ladder and location of players) then I got back fast with replacement eq(when I found his anger instance once more)

There is definetly no TP delay because I had him close to death 5% with my replacement bow(if it would be 5 seconds he would have died but he tped instantly) but then I ran out of mana. In the end I ended up in Forest but not his instance last 10 sec. I would have loved it to hunt him during further questing

Actually my plan was to intercept players during brutus fight but top runners were already at gate and others just reset the instance.

Can we get a 3h Turbo Cut Throat in January? It's definetly fun to intercept players during boss fights or grinding, and actually it's pretty easy to hunt them.

Actually I had quiet good items but they had wrong colors I needed 1 more green socket.
my first kill ididnt did, i was rushing to mudflats and someone follow me and he got surrounded by the mobs who were chasing me.,.lol i suppose that guy never raced before.

otherwise i killed 6guys at ledge, before died to a caster team...damn those guys pretty unfair..

after all pretty fun.

- Suggestion: remove Waypoints for cutthroat.
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That was good fun.

No specific feedback from me but I personally learned that spell damage isn't high enough in the early game to kill of decent players. Need one shot builds with mobility to be really successful.

Actually, feedback: TP doesnt seem to have the delay mentioned!

<3 ZiggyD

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