Dec 18: 1h Solo Cut-throat

This was EPIC fun. Please support, further develop, polish the cuthroat league from the ruby that it is into an awesome diamond if that makes any sense. Develop it further that was really really fun.
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Was alot of fun, didn't die once and killed over 25 players so is quite funny.
normal super bad luck with items, forced to buy a maul, go back out and first drop is a usable staff kind of stuff. Still cant complain about a top 10 finish, but I guess thats because only 2 or 3 was trying to actually level.

Why was there no delay for portals!? The only kill I got was someone who came into my instance to fight, and that was so dysncie that it was pure luck I was even able to hit the guy 3 or 4 times to kill him. EVERY person I came after just popped a port and was gone. :(
Definetly!! Go for way more event of that kind!
got to level 14 on witch but couldnt kill anyone they just ran away :/
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that was amazing, but portals need a timer!

otherwise I would play those all day long if you ran these leagues back to back
Wow that was fun as all hell, fear the shadow bro. PvPisFun
This was awesome!
i started late, but still managed to kill brutus, hit level 10, and outran everyone who tried to invade my instances, including those scrubs who grouped up (in a solo race) to gank level 1's in terrace! go back to playing DayZ scrubs.
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Some feedbacks.

It was my fist Cut-Throat race, I don't intend whining. But there were some points I must get into.

Yes, some people DO progress and enjoy fair pvp. Yep, I had several on low levels, and than one on 5 lvl vs dude which was fast enough to hit me with viper 2-3 times and chased me. Rather exciting.

But later on I was trying to pick up some items and ALWAYS there was 1-2 players with levels 7-9 in mud flats and in terraces too ganking ppl without gear / several levels below.

So I see only 2 options:

1) Lock low-lvl areas for people as they progress in levels.

But this seems pretty bad because naked players need some place to restore their BASE SET of socketed items only to put skills on. I don't care, I can progress through equal area in white loot. But 2/3 of the game I hadn't that loot. In that case naked people will die on mobs or on equal level folks nicely geared.

2) Incur an exp penalty for high level players killing players several level lower.

For example guy 7 killing player that 3 lvl lower suffers death exp penalty. Seems pretty fair. No drawback. No exploits.


Yep, event was fun early but later it turned into camping.
Hateful post.
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