Dec 18: 1h Solo Cut-throat

I am so excited to give this a try! On release, is it something that is going to be run more frequently?
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I'm happy to see a countermeasure, in the form of solo rules, to the teamed-up death squads.

But discussing this with a few friends we reached an alternative solution that might prove even more interesting and actually enhance the cut-throat feel of the league.

The suggestion is simple: Permit partying, but enable friendly fire.

This would allow players to share experience and let the loot allocation system work out the item drops, BUT with the FF you can never know when one of your very own party members will turn on you... Who knows, perhaps it'll happen in the middle of an important boss fight when you're low on life, or when an unique item drops for your party?

Is this not the essence of cut-throat? To be betrayed by those you trust the most, after hours of playing together as a group!?

This suggestion is made primarily with a permanent cut-throat league in mind, although I think it would also be great in races.
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Finally :)

A suggestion how Prices could work out.

Use tests to refine the score system that takes player levels, and participants into account.

Then create prices for something like reaching level 10 and having a kill score or 5.

Alternative is to enable Cut-Throat and have a normal race. That way it's a normal race but you can knock out participants. This will make events far more interesting that end up in grinding.(Experience for killing but no score)

The TP and Escape delay is a perfect way to stop the common fastrush strategy to safe tps on races and open new instances.

The Event message will show something like "Player X(Class Y) ranked 1st has been killed by Player z(Class y) ranked 3rd.

For example what will a racer do if he is at Vaal and another Racer appears in that instance just to get the price.

This will make races far more interesting if a competition to knock players out exists.

Also create a level restriction so it won't be possible that on long term races some level 30 character knocks out level 2 characters.

On long term Cut-Throat ladders it would be interesting to enter the same map instances if an enemy opens the same map(Quality must match)

I would love if you could see the ladder after it had finished.
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO totally missed the last lot of cut throat and i cant wait to give it a shot! Looks way fun!
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What's the official word on how damage/life is scaled for low levels?
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If there is a permanent cut throat league (I really hope so), I would hope that there are specific, level locked instances to prevent level 30s from killing level 3s. Can't wait to be killing instantly in this event!! :)
The permanent version of this is definitely going to be my favorite league. Whoever came up with this is an absolute genius.

I can't wait for the next event ^^

Also, I moved the discussion-related content forward to my next post since this one is at the bottom of the page.
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