Dec 18: 1h Solo Cut-throat

Yeah, the tp delay was probably my biggest gripe.

Other than that, it was a blast.

Keep em coming GGG.
Whilst the game mode (with TP delay) is probably just fine as is if we're seeking a truly hardcore experience, here is an idea that might allow more people to enjoy the event for longer:

Level-restricted instance joining
Players cannot join instances of players more than 3 levels below them. there is no upward restriction i.e. a level 1 player can join an instance of a level 10 player.

The instance manager wouldn't give any indication as to the level of the players within instances so low level players take a chance whenever they join an instance containing other players.

EDIT: I guess it would be helpful for high level players if instances they couldn't join were hidden from the instance manager UI.
There has to be a low point where some people stop complaining because it's just not worth it, and I have yet to see it. - Squeakypaw, 2013
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52 minutes in for some fun. Kripp destroying people.
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Pam wrote:
Bear trap was awesome
Especially when you put it on the wp


I didn't participate, not my cup of tea, but did enjoy watching Kripps stream. He had waaaay to much fun after rolling that sick weapon. Like others have stated the instant "get the hell out of here" feature needs to change. I did not see any delay as posted in the event rules.
Rowsol wrote:
52 minutes in for some fun. Kripp destroying people.

thats amazing indeed!

+1 to this vid...
I were in a similar build... but due to 20sec loading screen, I was left behind and died bfore brutus in pvp... so no flicker strike to me

had a good 50ish 2h weapon... nothing even close to kripps monstruous axe
Seems that the vast majority really enjoy the level up, go back to low level zones and one shot low levels. I don't see how that is entertaining to do or watch at all, but then people tend to disagree with me on most things.

Is there any word as far as that's the intended route or if anything is being planned to possibly change it to actual pvp?
Many players who ended up in top 10 simply progressed and did very little pvp, i find that quite comical, and then they post stating they got top 10 as if that was some achievement :) I didn't die once and i pvp'd for 75% of the race. But the whole progression concept is kind of stupid, i don't understand why people would play the majority of the race farming for 90% only to do 5 mins of pvp, anyone can do that.
1. A player who is more than "X" level should not be able to go to low level zones and farm new players.
So for example Terrace monsters are level 1, only level 1-5 should be allow there, so there won't be level 15s farming level 1-5s.

2. TP and Waypoint should not be instantly accesible. There should be a 2-5 second delay before you can click a town to tele back. Open a TP but you can't go in until 2-3 seconds delay later. Access a waypoint but you cant tele away until 2-3 seconds later.

3. Longer Cut-Throat leagues, 3 hour leagues or 6 month leagues for the future.
please dont make it any longer... if you want longer, add 10 min and make it 1h 10 min... or people will farm even more and stay just the hell out of pvp...

this system shouldnt be stated as league, but as EVENT.

losing gear of a toon that you worked 30-40 min is something... losing 1 day work is another thing, losing a month of work is something that probably wont even worth the time invested.

agreed in "no wp/tp within 5 sec" and level cap from areas to prevent players farming lowbies.

another thing to consider is something like - people level for 2h, and then we are all teleported to pvp map and the ladder is stated from last standing to first death (not level based).
Some people here miss the point of Cut-throat. If you don't like getting ganked then look forward to every other form of PvP in the game. This isn't for you.

This feedback is in regards to this event, but also in relation to the eventual permanent Cut-throat.


Exiting instances during combat is too easy. No one is ever at any real risk, unless they get one-shot killed.

Suggestion: Players cannot enter portals if they took damage within the last 5 seconds; this still gives them time to escape via portal when someone approaches them. Players also cannot log-out or disconnect to escape the instance if they took damage within the last 5 seconds.

Actually, the absolute best situation would be: if you log-out or disconnect outside of town, you do not leave the instance. You go link-dead instead. Your character remains there until you log back in, or until the instance resets (after 8-15 minutes without activity).

As for level differences, it wasn't much of an issue. Escaping from higher level players was incredibly easy. There should not be level restrictions, obviously; it would reduce the players you have to interact with, and becoming less vulnerable and more dangerous is the main drive for progressing. There are so many better ways to lessen the gap between players of differing levels, which have been mentioned earlier in the thread, that this should never even be considered. I'm not sure that lessening that gap is even necessary; I had a number of encounters with higher level players with much better gear, and never came close to being killed. I never even felt like I was in danger, unfortunately.
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