Dec 18: 1h Solo Cut-throat

so excited!
cut those throats and let the blood spill all over your clothes!
1am... why not 3am or 4am :D
Grr why id someone have to turn up n stop me from being able to play this. was really looking forward.. maan. unless it doesmt start for another hour. then io may have time
Smoother than Smooth.
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Tempted to go to a meeting room and get my cut-throat on for an hour while everyone else works =)
This game type really feels like true survival of the fittest!

didn't think I'd enjoy it at all but ended up enjoying the first few minutes a lot - especially when I killed two players... but then I got killed (i.e. tables turned) and the fun quickly faded. I quit after about 13 minutes with my tail between my legs.

Watching streams now. Whoever wins this deserves a prize.

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lol was pretty hilarious but got bored of it quickly. i imagine party cut throat would be more fun
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Well i guess i missed out. again. why are my times wrong anyway?

Started a day ago at 4:00 pm, December 17th 2012 GMT-08:00
Finished 21 hours ago at 5:00 pm, December 17th 2012 GMT-08:00

Which one shpould new zealand set it to?
Smoother than Smooth.
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Kripp is DOMINATING right now :D
Wanted to like it but I missed the first half of it and was very underleveld so regardless of gear I couldn't kill anyone.

Hope i catch the next one at start time!
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