3.12.4b Patch Notes Preview

Gianna is not doing tasks when assigned and the option to do them disappears entirely.

- Signing out
- Leaving Party
- New Room
- Walking across map
- Managed to crash and go back in
- Going into new wing for Grand Heist

All areas with Gianna were not working correctly in any wing that she was involved in for the heist.
Do heists more better.You nerfed currency chests.Even with %4 regal to exp trinket its totally waste of time.You can earn so much more with just doing maps.Also grand heist cost is toooooo much expensive compare to reward of contracts which are about 700 coin :D.So you can do one grandheist (Also blue print has too low drop rate.If you want to get a blue print with good rewards with rolling you have to farm over and over whole 2-3 days.)Current leauge contant must be the most rewarding thing in that leauge not the borring,rewardless and bugging thing.

Will the minion aggressiveness be fixed soon?
it's been 1 week since i last got unique contract dropped. Srly, what's the low drop rate for? Half of the items dropped from bosses is useless and can't break the game balance. And there's several bosses but we can't encounter them just to complete the challenge because of the horrible drop rate. Really GGG???
Fixed blueprint reveals bug?
Awakened Combustion Support when?
kokashy wrote:
What about the 60k coins for make a grand heist and 1k coin from main target contract?

Fix the price or the values of the items for avoid the mirroring service of the grand heist.

if you turn all gheists as rewarding as the 17 curr belly, the economy goes even more apeshit than right now and its not just a best practice but actually MUST DO to run gheists to even have a dime in that economy. the cost/benefit of juiced grand heists is kinda the only reason we dont see 150:1 chisel:chaos or other crazy shit like that yet.
Eraforn wrote:
Do heists more better.You nerfed currency chests.Even with %4 regal to exp trinket its totally waste of time.You can earn so much more with just doing maps

are you high or just not running mirrored 17 curr gheists? im taking out like 10 exalts per hour ->PROFIT<- out of them with 4% trinket and a chilled build that isnt even into speedrunning them, so i have ABSOLUTELY no clue what the heck you are talking about.

good luck gaining 10 ex/h profit in just doing maps, i would absolutely love to see that!
Fixed a bug where Heist Brooch modifiers which could duplicate rewards were not functioning correctly.


My Gianna's trinket with 15% chance of duplicating divination cards has been waiting for this fix for way too long.
What if i wanted to run gheists for experiment items which looked interesting? What if i wanted to drop some new qual gems to try them out? What if i wanted to run gheists to obtain items with mods and stats ive never seen before?
Is game now all about running "juicy currency" mirrored gheists once per few days o active playing? I dont want to buy botted contracts and run them with botted markers. Is game as shallow as nothing else besides things i mentioned really matters?

If ggg worries that marker drop increase/reveal cost tweaks d ruin ruined economy perhaps somebody who invented these idiotic trinkets should get another raise. All of people who drop 20 even 100ex per h from gheists are happy, i feel happy for you, you grind to grind because grinding is nice and you are addicted to ex sound from filter.
All of what ggg does not change the fact that to me league feels like unplayable shit and apart of standard content which i like i dont want to listen or hear or see to this bullshit anymore.
What about minion aggro? My golems are not attacking anything despite 'primordial might', wtf happened to minion AI ?

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