3.12.4b Patch Notes Preview

Happy with all the new bug fixes and all that,

There probably is a good reason cremation is not fixed yet, (pinpoint and intensify not gaining damage)

Is there any update on when this could possible be patched. Or is this a wait out situation,

Keep up the good work :)

Still crashing in Heists pls when will that be fixed
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And............. we're out of BETA.
Is this it? Or is there a 3.12.5 in the works?
What about the 60k coins for make a grand heist and 1k coin from main target contract?

Fix the price or the values of the items for avoid the mirroring service of the grand heist.
Fixed a bug where the Unseen Strike skill granted by The Hidden Blade unique dagger could trigger in town areas.
That would make life complicated.
Hey there, just got buggy Niles in the unique contract to kill Admiral. He would not open the door no matter what I tried. Is this common?

"After play testing Endless Delve, many people on the team wanted to make it a one day event" -- Bex 24/11/2020

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