3.12.4b Patch Notes Preview

Opikun wrote:
And............. we're out of BETA.

pretty sure it is still beta forever...
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kokashy wrote:
What about the 60k coins for make a grand heist and 1k coin from main target contract?

Fix the price or the values of the items for avoid the mirroring service of the grand heist.


i dont understand why drop so much grand heist i can do 10% of them
the price to reveal is too high and need 14+ blueprints reveal so cant just buy the marks
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Any bug fix to officially enable AHK trade in the game settings ? I want to play PoE legitimately on a equal battle field as all those AHK traders and their automated tasks!!!!
an entire month to fix broaches ahaha what a league
so no buff to markers numbers

either reduce further the amount needed to unlock wings and stuff or increase the number selling or drops you could potentially increase the amount of markers you get by selling the piece you stole by a very high amount (200-250%) this would give some people the will to actually stole the piece you're supposed to and not just wander around open everything and head out..

but what do I know.. 1 month and there's still so much unbalancing on your heist monsters.. templar mobs are still the most bullshit ones but everytime someone brings anything like this the forum experts attack on the neck seeking for ways to blame the player as always.

whatever.. I guess.
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still in open beta

With a little luck all the bugs will be fixed when next league releases.

Oh wait.
Lol this league
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But what about Anomalous Enlighten Support? Had to buy new Int gems and keep them at really low level now, despite the last patch saying it was fixed :/
I was pushing a heist weekend, did ~380 i83 heists, as I have given up on waiting for anything more.

Reward Room Chests in Heists and Grand Heists can now contain Unique Contracts.
Traps in Heist encounters no longer activate during the Imminent Lockdown period. They will now only activate when Lockdown begins.

Both was a clear problem and reported from day one, took 1 month+ to realize on GGG's side.

You can now use the Instance Manager to create or join Rogue Harbour areas.

Just like with Tane's laboratory, remember, again, 1 month+ to correct the same problem, again.

Fixed a bug that could prevent The Twins encounter from being completed.

Wonderful, a first 20 still 10 exalted worth of unavailable map, bricking 1 month into the league.

Fixed a bug where Heist Brooch modifiers which could duplicate rewards were not functioning correctly.

Another joke, 1 month later we might get rouge's equipment start to work, after doing 660 heists?!

Fixed a bug where an Agility job could not be completed due to the Rogue Ally not using a vent to travel beyond the Heist door.

This was the latest joke on the latest patch, looking forward, what old will be bricked this time!

Fixed a bug which could cause players to get stuck in Heist doors.
Fixed a bug where Lever guards could be killed by sources other than a Rogue Ally.

Again, we just needed 1 full month for fixes like this. Simply unbeleivable and unacceptable.

Fixed a bug where items could drop in an inaccessible location in Burial Chambers Map.

Only there, really, because of one event? Why cannot it be simply solved generally for once?!

All in all, this league was and still a huge disappointment. No mention of the broken marker gain / reveal rate, nothing about marker auto pickup, nothing about more smuggler's caches, etc. Luckily I am almost done everything I could do alone, ~440h, ready to leave in a few days with 38/40 without the Twins, having my shortest league ever due to being this complete mess for more than a month.
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Heist: released in an absolute broken and incomplete state. Next league: delayed for another game.
And instead of polishing that next league in the delay, They are jumping on the next after; enough of this.

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