3.12.4 Deployment and Full Patch Notes

MiguelFg wrote:

1. Learn how to avoid them. If you get hit by the wave you're just bad at it. Stop wanting to delete everything because you don't like it :)

well when they reveal the league statistics we will see how many people do perception heists
i use a minion build and take a lot of time to them to destroy this totens
is not fun is not engaging is a traffic light in a action rpg game
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Contract: Death to Darnaw - Nenet dont open door, make impossible complete. Sad
Please repair the bug for syndicate and Einhar, neither beasts nor syndicate members are dying in maps...
Syndicate and einhar not working after patch. Please fix it.
Question GGG, are the developers of this game still the original team from a year ago? Curious as to why the game is in such a buggy state.

Well, it seems that after the latest patch was deployed, I'm no longer gaining leveling progression from completing contracts.

The one I've been trying to level (for the last 6 contracts, while on "auto-pilot" before realizing it) has been Niles.

He has NOT gained any experience at all upon completion.

I can't say for sure if this is happening for other operatives, but it is occurring with Niles (for me).
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Einhar won't capture beasts regardless of where you meet him. Annoying...
Thanks for the update. Noticed that Einhar is not capturing beasts.
Thanks for adding the content that was already announced to be added since the start of the Heist league, [Removed by Support]

Also Einhar AI right is damaged, he won't throw any nets.
Good job guys, keep it up.

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@GGG ASAP Einhar Does not Throw Nets At Defeated Beasts, the beasts just stand there invincible.

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