3.12.4 Deployment and Full Patch Notes

I wonder if anyone has realised the patch has failed?
To mitigate this, we're making it so that Unique Contracts can also drop from Reward Room Chests in Heists. This greatly increases their drop rate overall for players who are running both map content and Heist content.

We are also lowering the Drop Level of The Twins Unique Contract from Level 83 to Level 81 to make it slightly more accessible. These changes aren't in patch 3.12.4 but will be deployed as soon as possible.

It would have been so much easier to just increase the amount of Heist cache spawns in maps like players have been suggesting since day 1, instead a month later GGG comes up with a "solution" that isn't even going to be implemented in this patch but later on... "as soon as possible".

I mean, seeing 1 cache every 15 - 20 maps isn't fun, specially when it drops a normal contract on t16s,

thanks for the awesome patch notes...
brien8cake wrote:
Oh joy! I love patches that cause:
Your pack file has become corrupted. Currently the only way to fix this is to delete Content.ggpk and download it again by running the client.

Guess it was time for another 32GB download :|

your beta testing is much appreciated. i already got burnt with the broken torrent at launch so i tend to wait a day.
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I wonder if anyone has realised the patch has failed?

failed what? your wallet? i don't think so.
First thing i do after this patch is to do a bestiary boss (saqawal) and he didnt die because it was bugged. Einhar couldnt catch him with traps and boss was just 1hp going to me forever, I hope this was just casuality
Well I see you fixed the Mac OS from issuing a system failure listing to report to Apple each time you quit the Mac OS POE client in Big Sur beta 9

The example of POE Mac Client failing unexpectedly to fully install on a laptop using switchable GPU still is the same. This is the example of starting to download stops at 32 MB (used to be described as 27 MB)

No changes to options to add specific graphic resolutions. Fires up all 4 cores to 100 C quickly even if I am having the fans run at high RPM rather then automatically use Apple's sensor ramp up.

I did not see any change Mac Client changes with 3.12.4 Deployment and full patch notes, but you did remove some bug entries on your macOS Known Issues at https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2936390

Fixed in 3.12.4 per Known Issues
*Rarely, keyboard input doesn't work on the main menu. Restart the game client to fix this.
*Gateway autoselection currently doesn't work. You will need to select the closest gateway manually for now.
*The client currently does not correctly load certain dynamic assets such as the message of the day image, the countdown to Heist's launch and various microtransaction shop images
*Item Filters not loading from website. 'Open folder' button in UI options not working.

At least you are making progress towards a official MacOS client.
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oa7x wrote:

I'm surprised they haven't added nets back in
cool patch
"The team will continue to monitor your reports and feedback and make additional improvements where possible. Thank you for your feedback and support!"

Made me giggle.

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