3.12.4 Deployment and Full Patch Notes

xlax007 wrote:
Too late, see you on December

See you IN December* Saying, "on" makes no sense at all, like do you want to see them riding on a December like a giant horse?

But you are okay with people who riding on a Monday, anyways. English is a troll language without any inner logic.
Just random words and rules.
Anyone got what the guy tried to say, so whats the reason to correct him?
Can you please remove the little entrance rooms in normal heists?
I can see why they are there in grand heists where u got multiple entrances, but in normal heists? They are just a waste of time.
For example you run 100 heists. It may approx take 2-3 sec from portal to the sewer entrance, that is 4-6sec EVERY heist, yes because you also need to run out of it...
And i want to see Adiyah being moved to the hideout so we can open from hideout aswell thanks.
The persistent Heist crashes seem to be fixed now. Good stuff.

EDIT: I think GGG have deliberately tried to avoid having to nerf new skills immediately after introduction since the Volatile Dead debacle.

Finnien wrote:
Also, what ever happened to new skills being overtuned in order to reward players experimenting with new skills? The last great new skill at launch was Winter Orb, I believe. Perforate, Artillery Ballista, Cobra Lash, Wintertide Brand, Crackling Lance, Blazing Salvo... all are anywhere between slightly underwhelming to awful at release. Having played Perforate, Cobra Lash, Penance Brand, and Blazing Salvo as my league start characters, I've abandoned my league start character within three or four days every time I try to start with a new skill. There was an indication that GGG was collecting feedback to improve the new lackluster skills this league, but I've heard absolutely nothing since then. Should we always just use old skills every league if we want to be competitive?
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Fixed a bug where Divergent Arcane Cloak's quality effect (increased Buff Effect) was applying to the amount of Damage from Hits taken from Buff before your Life or Energy Shield.

? gg you ok ? lmao. it should work as it is working. but now you fixed working gem ? wtf, my brain melting
wow actually a great update! I'm very impressed and happy. Some leagues more than others, it feels like our complaints fall on deaf ears... which makes complaints become more ravenous and filled with vitriol.

Just acknowledging us goes miles. Just telling us you at least hear us, and responding to threads helps a lot.

If it does or doesn't get fixed is another issue -- not all things are easily fixable. But at least hearing us goes a long way.
Flame Wall's primary burning effect now has an attack time override of 1 second, and its secondary burning effect now has an attack time override of 0.2 seconds.

does this mean RIP EE?
Ok... so it was patched, loaded it up, apparently the patch wasn't put in and something messed up with Steam, now I have to patch again with the same amount of time waiting lol...
what this means ?

Flame Wall's primary burning effect now has an attack time override of 1 second, and its secondary burning effect now has an attack time override of 0.2 seconds.
Burning Ground created by the unique belt Replica Siegebreaker has an attack time override of 5 seconds.
Herald of Thunder now has an attack time override of 0.25 seconds.

is this nerf ?

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