macOS Known Issues

New High Priority Issues:
  • Certain microtransactions not rendering.

Known Issues:
  • Game crashing with M1 based systems.
  • While running around, you may occasionally see a black tile on the edge of the screen briefly. This is an engine quirk that occurs with the Windows version also, but it's more pronounced in our current Mac version.
  • Window Resolution/Size is too small when opening the game.
  • Pressing the Esc key in Fullscreen exits fullscreen mode.
  • Horizontally resizing the client window can sometimes cause a crash.
  • Channelling skills such as Cyclone don't allow freedom of movement if assigned to RMB or MMB.

Note that because Command+Q is technically the keystroke to use the Ctrl+Q skill binding, you can use Command+Option+Q to close the game client in a hurry.
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