3.12.4 Deployment and Full Patch Notes

Noice. Thank you GGG.
Mokurp wrote:
well basic complains
1- remove observation totem, stop move that amount of time sucks
1.2- alternative solution- make sell 3-6 contracts to a npc give a random one so i can get rid of the perceptions i have plenty
2-reduce the reveal cost
3-add a way to see the notable the talisman have without need look in the entire passive tree

1. Learn how to avoid them. If you get hit by the wave you're just bad at it. Stop wanting to delete everything because you don't like it :)
Where is the fix for Gianna, Niles and Nenet. You click to open the door and they get stucked attacking a random 1 mob.
There is a bug now - this bestiary guy quest, when he should catch mobs at 1hp, he doesn't do anything, and mob is locked at 1hp, immortal
im at 34/40 challenges and I am still trying to get rogue markers to unlock rooms and wings in the grand heist....

im at 120/300 rooms and 50/60 wings....doesn't make sense that in all that gameplay time, i've only had enough rogue markers to reveal so little....

i have no choice but to buy rogue markers....

Einhar not zapping beasts...mission cant be finished

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Glad I already did 36 and can retire. Nice league though
phosTR wrote:
How about the bug where you lose XP if you die? That would be great to remove/fix.

wtf man and this is coming from the mouth of player who is playing thee game since 2013? wait waat
Thornwalker69 wrote:
"The team will continue to monitor your reports and feedback and make additional improvements where possible. Thank you for your feedback and support!"

Made me giggle.

Yea they only changed basically EVERYTHING in this League based on Feedback. You can question the execution with all the bugs but they absolutely listen to feedback and try to update the game respectively.
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How come after 2 weeks of getting rogue markers = 100k-150k Rogue markers

I spent them on 3-4 blueprints??? We need more rogue markers drops!!!
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!

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