3.0.1c Patch Notes

SwangJang wrote:
Instead of patching to add or change content, fix the damn servers and client crashes.

This is actually so ridiculous. There are posts after posts after posts of people complaining about crash issues and all you do is add and change content?????

The multithreading crash existed since over a year ago and is still not fixed.

I just died to a lag freeze in uber lab.

Right now, you're building a skyscraper on a sand.


I wait since the 3.01b Patch for a massive PoE.exe crashed fix and the new Patch adding after four Days some unimportant Stuff.
Plz Rollback to 3.00 or before 3.01b, seems the most stable Version of this Season.

3.0 and the new Stuff is fantastic, absolutly Triple A Niveau.
The Technical Base of PoE is horrible, the Season get worse and worse with every Patch.

I think its Time for Quit the Season and play other Games, very sad...

duckfluffed wrote:
You have permanently crashed my HHC character.

I was entering the room for the last Izaro fight in Merc lab and instantly crashed. Everytime I log onto this exact character, I received this error. I am able to log into every other character on my account. I have removed all microtransactions from this character.

Why would you deploy a crippling patch like this? Roll it back.


Can you please try again?

Let us know if the problem persists!
✮ Please contact [email protected] if you need any help!
"Data/BaseItemTypes.dat": Reference count for loaded resource... blah blah 386 ... now update... update won't start >_> lost rare map i Just opened... 80% til next level...

i'm a bit salty guys. I paid real cash for this experience, and my face is getting wrinkly from all the cringe =/
Tnx for crash while on map :-\
finished act 8 went into act 9 and when i broke a barrel malachi tentacle portals popped out. totally thought it was an intentional part of act 9 until i realized everyone was having it.

Cool bug though.

I never do maping, think im going to stop now

also still crashing at a 75% rate when going to towns, since day 1 hasnt changed wew
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Lunar Devotees now only summon one Ice Elemental at a time, but these are now tougher and do a more powerful explosion on death.

Ice Elementals still don't follow their devotees. Or it's not a bug?
"We prefer to leave up to the community to work out mechanics such as these" (c) GGG Support
Holla at me when your game stops being buggy af and deleting my portal instances, making seperate hideout instances so you can't trade with people and I'll come spend some time with it.

P.s thanks for crashing my game because you won't just reset.
Henry_GGG wrote:


Can you please try again?

Let us know if the problem persists!

It is corrected. The relief is real.

Thank you
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Just got a random disconnect AGAIN, even after updating the game. I was in the Uber Lab treasure room with 6 keys, freeing up my inventory when the interface stopped responding and I got kicked to the login screen.

When I go back to the Ascension Plaza the door is closed. How do i reaccess my instance? I had six keys and had already killed Izaro, so I need my loot and/or Offering back.

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