3.0.1c Patch Notes

buffer crash to izaro, malachi tentacle attacks from barrels
date check
Me Too
After patch I can't select my newest character but any other character seems to work.(2)
Thanks for the warning.

Could you take the standard approach and warn us when you're gonna do this? A whole bunch of people crashed out of the Labyrinth because of this patch.
You have permanently crashed my HHC character.

I was entering the room for the last Izaro fight in Merc lab and instantly crashed. Everytime I log onto this exact character, I received this error. I am able to log into every other character on my account. I have removed all microtransactions from this character.

Edit: The character is now accessible. The relief is real.
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Instead of patching to add or change content, fix the damn servers and client crashes.

This is actually so ridiculous. There are posts after posts after posts of people complaining about crash issues and all you do is add and change content?????

The multithreading crash existed since over a year ago and is still not fixed.

I just died to a lag freeze in uber lab.

Right now, you're building a skyscraper on a sand.
Seems everyone crashed and most of us aren't able to access our characters anymore. All I wanted to do was go finish Act 5 before I called it a night. Oh well. Here's hoping this is fixed sooner than later.
Getting tired of obtaining SHARDS of information. When it's too late then what?
not cool

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