3.0.1c Patch Notes

:( Why do this without notification? So many people just lost maps and all sorts of stuff because of it.

GGG wants our HC character's dead! lol
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Crashed, Patched to this, and now my Flamedash gem is providing me the Shock Nova skill instead....

Edit: Ok, the tooltip is Shock NOva, but it's still kind of working like Flame dash, only with a shock nova effect. This is wierd.

Edit: Ok, the shock nova effect is gone, it just changed by itself in game, without me restarting or anything. It's now got a flame dash tooltip. But the behavior of the skill is wierd. LIke, it's actually dashing instead of the teleporty effect i'm used to, and it's range seems a LOT shorter.
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Crashed my game in HC, luckily I was between mobs >.>
Wow. Had no clue I was about to get kicked out of a Lab I was doing for the past 30 minutes for a full key run.

I'm not going to lie, I'm getting EXTREMELY aggravated by the constant crashing and then THIS out of nowhere... Please have a little consideration for your player base....
i updated to the newest patch but now the game crashes every time i try to log in with a character.

also game kicked me out in the middle of a breach, rip me :(
My harbinger skill tooltip was not showing (in last 2minutes or so), then I crashed during a zana rotation and started patching into this :/
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lol, luckily I ripped earlier on and was on scrubcore for that buffer underflow error.
GGG, now i can't log in to the game. Getting char list and after that game crashes 100% of the time. PC reboot doesnt help.

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