3.0.1c Patch Notes

"Buffer Underflow" upon entering 3rd Aspirant's Trial in the Eternal Lab :/
After patch I can't select my newest character but any other character seems to work.
After this patch, I can't play with harbinger character, game crashes.
Same. Crash while loading Char 1 into Bridge Encampment after character select. Char 2 loads Oriath Epilogue just fine.

Character 1 was involved in a lab crash involving the notorious malachai tentacles.

Please fix?

edit: now worked...
Who Are We? Where do we come from?
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My magma orb on sire of shards now has a 4 second cooldown while in maps.
Edit: And Malachai tentacle portals keep randomly appearing. (without the tentacles)
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crashed in final phase uber izaro :/
Ah this patch has so much failed wrapped in 1 awful patch.

Not only did we not get a heads up, we were disconnected randomly and have a TON of new bugs.

After the patch me and a friend have COLLDOWN on MINES.
IGN: gvieira
crash my game for 5 bug fixes ffs

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