3.0.1b Patch Notes

Scion pic - Kreygasm

vanilla scion portrait much better then Ascendant one
Where's the HD pic of Ascendent and Scion?
Wow. Does this mean totem builds are now OP for getting skill based challenge done?
IGN: StriderX (Delve)
Still no fix to the Master Fletcher cluster?
Nodes in it don't grant chance to poison.


Should be easy enough fix
Qarl wrote:
3.0.1b Patch Notes
[li]Updated the Currency Stash Tab to include new slots for new currencies. Slots have been added for Orbs of Annulment, Annulment Shards, Chaos Shards, Regal Shards, Exalted Shards and Mirror Shards.[/li]

What about the other shard and orbs, the useful ones like Harbinger and Horizon? And where is our slots for breach items, still waiting on those slots to be added.
We'll let you have another crack at of the currency stash tab....
Last edited by Zachary5391 on Aug 25, 2017, 12:45:24 AM
Just did a breach and my pc almost melted with the spawns - I think the change to harbinger spawns has also affected breach rates
IGN :HanBolo
Still crashes due to missing texture files
Patch 3.0.1b Still does not fix the bug.
Super now I can no longer crash a Char because of lack of uncompressed texture.
Slowly I get angry
New scion image is just awful.

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