3.0.1b Patch Notes

Thank you. Don´t forget that there is a bug with "augmentation" achievement.
they actually nerfed Death and Taxes boss?! This was a really bad move from the developers imo. I kind of liked to fear that map and to gear up properly to do it.
Updated the Labyrinth to not be able to spawn Darkshrine effects that could overwrite a Darkshrine effect already in the Labyrinth.

Can we get clarification if this means that once you get a personal buff (like the speed shrine), clicking on another shrine will not give you any personal buffs but give you the other effects (such as extra unique on Izaro death etc)?
Nice but no buffs to mob density?
Completed 3 ChallengesMunsuLight wrote:
Did you Fixed the Constant DC people are getting with DX11, or loading issues... because for me that's the major problem right now

Or the hundreds of people having awful lag issues :/
No update for the Locomancer achievement? Still searching for that last 'hard-to-find' waypoint. Any word on an update for this achievement?
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"Failed to load instance" is now a thing...
After 3.0.1b Abberath Pantheon wasn't retroactively fixed for challenge? Intended?

Hey I noticed in the first time you enter the Labrynth and head to the right there is a chest in a small room you need to go around to get into. Upon arriving at said chest there is a door trap that can sometimes clip you inside the chest and you can't move out.
New failed to connect to instance feature. Can't even get in the game.

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