3.0.1b Patch Notes

Wow, it has literally everything I wanted! Thanks!

Not sure why you needed to nerf death and taxes though. Wasn't exactly a hard map. Honestly the cold damage is the only thing that could have used any nerf at all.
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Density still sucks in most maps.

Lets never improve the mechanics that make the game fun.
Torayuu wrote:
Qarl wrote:
3.0.1b Patch Notes
  • Updated class portraits for the Scion and the Ascendant classes.

Now if only GGG could make the Ascendant ascendancy skill tree not garbage by removing those useless stat point nodes. I would happily take a 1 skill point nerf to the "Path of" nodes if you did so.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Still in the alpha stage, but at least build diversity isn't an issue: https://wolcengame.com/home/
Nice to see some more updates to the Harbingers and definitely great to see the new currency tab slots. Hopefully the fixes will help with the map disconnects I was getting yesterday.

Astealoth wrote:
The Steam achievement for Abaxoth is bugged, I've killed about 6 abaxoths since we got the new Steam achieve and it never unlocks. I only use cyclone and vaal cyclone, I don't have totems or summons to disrupt or confuse it.

Several of the Steam achievements seem bugged or mixed up. I have a couple that I have credit for that I definitely have not done.
Great fixes, glad you guys are addressing some of these things! Would really love to see Golem Health interaction with Minion Health Support gems get fixed, my stone Golem gets melted without that health he should have!

Fantastic game, keep up the good work.
--Updated the Labyrinth to not be able to spawn Darkshrine effects that could overwrite a Darkshrine effect already in the Labyrinth.

Pro and Con?

Pro..no overwriting a good buff like perm-crits or run speed and get more key drops/uniques

Con..no overwriting a bad buff like hp/mp regen...ugh.
Fantastic! Very glad to see the currency tab updated. Hopefully Harbingers will be worth the time spent on them now. Excellent to see that client crashes are being worked on too. GG GGG!
Was really hoping to see some boss health nerfs.

20 minute long boss fights are boring.
Nice! Thank you for the hard work, and the increase to the currency stash tabs :D LOUIE!!!!!!!
The LORD will march forth like a mighty Warrior, He will come out like a warrior, full of fury. He will shout his battle cry and crush all his enemies.
LAGBINGUERS you need fix lags and effects , the quality game is -10 vs harbinguers
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