3.0.1b Patch Notes

No real change to me for shards, sadly. More importantly, I've run into an issue where I'm lagging a little bit more and frequently being rolled back.
Completed 24 ChallengescjbLazin wrote:
faustian1 wrote:
qft !! FIX THIS !!!

Completed 16 ChallengesClerdon wrote:
Ascendant looks worse than before.

Now the currency stash tab is harder to use since you scaled down the size of everything. There's already enough reading and eye-strain in this game now you're making us squint at our currency tabs.
There's still plenty of empty space in that currency tab too. The currency shards aren't useful anyways.

I think imma quote this till GGG make up their mind and make the tab properly..

1st. Mirror Shard Slot ?! I doubt that anyone who doesnt spend monthly money for microtransaction will ever see this.
2nd. 5000 Perandus Coin Slot Cap ?! Cadiro is selling stuff for 25k .. seems like who made that "wonderful" update had no idea whats going ingame..
3rd. Why would u put that stupid Annulment shard in the middle of Transmutation/Alteration/Chance orbs where is supposed to be the Augmentation orb ?!
4th. How about we get a slot or two more so we can keep ALL THE STACKABLE CURRENCY you released in the past year.. I guess thats the purpose of CURRENCY STASH TAB so we can keep ALL OUR STACKABLE CURRENCY in it !?

Constructive criticism boys.. learn to live with it !
Please improve the currency tab regarding the new shards and orbs!

- The "old" shards and orbs are always at the same place (e.g. chaos shards / chaos orbs), so why not the "new" shards and orbs (I can put them where I want, and always have to look where they are...), so after some time I know where to find them automatically. Same for the breach splinters.

- Please step back to the bigger icon sizes before the patch

Would be nice to have that in the next patch.

Thanks for your effort, loving 3.0 so far, but this is a little bit annoying...
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- The DirectX11 Engine crashes on startup sometimes.
- After logging in. After clicking on start after character selection. On changing maps after loading the map. Out of 20x I only managed to login to Lioneye's Watch and change to The Coast once!
- Sometimes it says on disconnect: Your authentication for instance transfer was invalid.
- Sometimes when I click on play on the character I get redirected to the login screen (without saying disconnected)

-Sometimes the icons of the items are not displayed. Closing the inventory and reopening it a few times solves this.
i keep getting a error message every patch lately something about packfile being corrupt and the only current way to fix this is delete your packfile etc this is so annoying as its a 8gb download everytime this occurs :.( ive had to do it for the last 2-3 patches
Alao i must agree with the downsize of the items and fonts etc with currency tab it was fine the way it was now harder to see
Exception error and no end
Back to Patch 3.0.0
Horrible Lag/FPS-Spikes since 3.0.1 pls fix this guys. i tried everything on my end and PoE was working fine before this patch.

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