3.0.1b Patch Notes

Ascendant looks worse than before.

Now the currency stash tab is harder to use since you scaled down the size of everything. There's already enough reading and eye-strain in this game now you're making us squint at our currency tabs.
There's still plenty of empty space in that currency tab too. The currency shards aren't useful anyways.
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"Unique Fragments now follow the "Map to Maker" rule for allocation."

I like it.

Also the start of this new league was quite enjoyable for me.
The new zones are nice, they seemed a little big in the first run, but going through it with another character (as i havent been playing beta and not watching any streams regarding the new material) already gave back that sense of "where am I going now and where's the next quest I need".

The changes to the harbingers are also quite nice, they are a lot faster now, which makes the encounters on maps a whole lot less bothersome and actually fun and sometimes demanding ;).

But with the change mentioned at the top
"Unique Fragments now follow the "Map to Maker" rule for allocation."
and an unpleasant experience while trading - i'd like to ask whether it would make sense to apply this to essences as well.

You see, trading the claims and sharing the challenge is a nice way player interaction gets into the game. But when I share an essence of Horror or the likes, that I had corrupted, i'd really not like people to make the overall playerinteraction getting a thing that i want to avoid if the essence isnt secure.

So to prevent those essences to be stolen by another player while sharing the claim, i'd be interested to know if there are already mechanics in place to prevent this, or if it would make sense to apply the "Map to Maker"-rule for essences as well.
For the currency tab, can't understand the point of scaling. Grid size is quite universal throughout the game, so why mock players' perception? For me, even essence tab is difficult to operate (there should be some idiom, but lack of exercise in speaking English does not allow it), and there is enough space to place all essences without even changing their arrangement (it's 12 height and 11 width now plus 1 spacer in row). For the general currency, it's not just enough space, it's plenty of it.
now yhis is great work thank you GGGs
I will not be original, but say one more time.

The new currency tab is awful. no matter how much whine about not enough slots for some currency,

BUT you shouldnt decrease size. It is worst desidion.

And I hope you realize your fault and rollback it asap.

Looks decent overall, thanks. Really happy about the harbinger changes.
Completed 5 ChallengesArchwizard wrote:
Jesus GGG, can you please get the currency tab right?

It's still too small by 1 slot. I mean, I'm usually a staunch supporter of you guys and give you the benefit of the doubt, but my god has your handling of adding currency and expanding the currency tab been a ridiculous fuck up.

Add 5 slots for splinters already.

Not what he said (how he said it), but what he meant.
It is so trollish to make it just one slot short of having all currency items fit, but I cannot believe that you didn't know this already. I just wonder why....
Currency tab becomed ants tab.

Also, there's still not enough space for all shards, orbs and splinters, one slot is missing.
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This patch has lowered my game stability; not sure if this is true for anyone else. I actually got kicked out of a Zana with the "Path of Exile not working". Additionally, I had a lot of rollbacks going to prior positions. I would also add that I'm not playing on a potato PC.
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You know when the first words your mate says to you are 'Who made the new currency tab, Joe Kerr & Arthur Job' its not good.

Two thirds of the tab window is empty space yet the slot sizes get reduced instead?

This also means if you have a large stack the text can slightly poke out the side of the slot as it is no longer lined up in the middle.

Please roll out a proper version, Thanks.

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