3.0.1b Patch Notes

Appreciate the harbinger changes alot. Tho I gotta say, the new tab icons are way too small, and the new ascendant portrait is pure trash. Other people I asked, only confirmed that one. Changing back to the old portrait would be appreciated. also,mtx portraits anytime soon?
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Qarl wrote:
3.0.1b Patch Notes
  • Increased the speed of most Harbinger encounters.
  • Increased the speed that Harbingers can deploy minions.
  • We're also slightly increasing the number of shards dropped by Harbingers.
  • Reduced the chance of getting lower-value shards from Harbinger drops in yellow- and red-tier maps.
  • Monsters in The Beachhead now will drop items, so that players using Animate Weapon can replace their minions.
  • Currency Shards from The Beachhead final encounter now have more concentrated stacks.
  • Unique Fragments now follow the "Map to Maker" rule for allocation.
  • Updated the Currency Stash Tab to include new slots for new currencies. Slots have been added for Orbs of Annulment, Annulment Shards, Chaos Shards, Regal Shards, Exalted Shards and Mirror Shards.
  • Updated class portraits for the Scion and the Ascendant classes.
  • Reduced the damage of the boss of the Death and Taxes unique map.
  • Predatory Scorpions now use their burrow attack less frequently.
  • Updated the Labyrinth to not be able to spawn Darkshrine effects that could overwrite a Darkshrine effect already in the Labyrinth.
  • Fixed a bug where modifiers to Damage with Ailments on the tree that were conditional on wielding a one-handed or two-handed weapon were reversed, such that the two-handed ones were active when you had a one-handed weapon, and vice versa.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters going underground could become invincible.
  • Fixed a bug where Ethereal Knives with the Ethereal Stars Effect microtransaction had a different behaviour than the skill without this effect.
  • Fixed a bug where Elreon and Vagan would not grant the daily mission experience bonus.
  • Fixes an issue with skill based challenges, where hits against totems and minions prevented getting the challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where highlighting of map locations on the Atlas was incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue with client freezes on the Colonnade and Vault maps.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not complete the challenge for upgrading Aberrath's Pantheon Power.
  • Fixed several of the most common instance and client crashes.
  • Fixed a bug with Izaro mechanics which could lead to an incompletable Labyrinth.

What about the Corrupted Energy Jewel bug where you took 100x the chaos damage over time? Is that fixed?
LMAO at the new currency tab... there is exactly one slot too few. I still need to keep one of the breach splinters some place else :)))
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Fixes an issue with skill based challenges, where hits against totems and minions prevented getting the challenge.

Still not fixed. Done two highgardens with totems - I didn't get hit from any of these beams still couldn't get challange. It's frustrating :|
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the new scion portraits look god awful though :(
The smaller scaling of the currency stash tab triggers me pretty hard... Wasn't there a way to keep the original size of the orbs??
Still no fix for the vibrating text... wow...
I am the one who likes new scion pic? :D

But its just a pic, well. My new made harb.league scion golemancer suck big time against witch golemancer which I had last league, just because her ascendancies half wasted and underpowered as..

But I have now new portrait!! And currencies what need glasses to see.
Nice. Thanks.
Zana's Daily Mission disappeared.
Qarl wrote:
Currency Shards from The Beachhead final encounter now have more concentrated stacks.

I played several T15 Beachhead maps and I don't see much difference... Still WAAAY too many stacks of 3-4 low tier shards, and very few annulment/ancient shards. It's a chore to collect them all, and total worth is a just a few chaos per arena fight.


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