3.0.1b Patch Notes

These bugfixes are nice and all, but Is there any news on Fonts not giving treasure keys in the Endgame Labyrinth?
can you fix that, if you have dark pact on the left mouse button and you click on party member that will spam dark pact? Always I do dailies with my mate and they ran in my mouse i spam dark pact like hell and my HP drops dangerously low. it shouldn't react if i click on players, it neither react if i click on monster, it's a perfect force move skill when i have to click shift to use dark pact on my left mouse button.
Congrats on completing a challenge, Qarl.
No fun allowed.™
Fixed several of the most common instance and client crashes.


Improvements look great, hope the Beachhead and the league mechanic on the whole is less boring as a result.

Edit: Didn't pray hard enough, scorching ray still crashing. Please fix :(.
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Where is the fix for the Bubbling life flask of staunching not removing bleeding if you have more than 50% flask efficiency
Still no bandit fix?
The Steam achievement for Abaxoth is bugged, I've killed about 6 abaxoths since we got the new Steam achieve and it never unlocks. I only use cyclone and vaal cyclone, I don't have totems or summons to disrupt or confuse it.
How about buff explosive arrow a bit up its my favorite build and now its unplayable *sadface*
great job ;) keep going

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