1.1.2 Patch Notes

Nice nerf patch .... sigh ggg good thing ftl made a update something to play.
way to fuct smoke mine. what was it "people are using this skill.... a aa a kill it."

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SL4Y3R wrote:
Chris wrote:
reboticon wrote:
Fix Sacrifice At Midnight drop rate, please.

This is in the patch notes!

One day people will read them before posting.


oh rly? we already had 'fragment drop rate fix for less frequent fragments' and you know what? change from 0.1% to 0.2% while is '100% MORE' means little..
Psyborg wrote:
Woooooooo Arc!!!

My only issue is with checkpointing. I like how you have to "wager" a portal if you arent confident, or else risk having to run from another waypoint. If you forget to open a portal, it's your own fault. I just feel like checkpointing will add an element of laziness. You wont even have to quick-click a portal if youre corpse-zerging dominus, although for me personally corpse-zerging is its own shame...

Im being serious and honest though, it just seems like something an "easy" game would do. Maybe if Merciless didnt have it? After all, checkpoints to res in the same area seem pretty merciful...

Exactly... This level of noob hand-holding is disgusting...

- But, ARC BUFF!!!! :O :O :O
- And Arctic Breath buff is gonna be interesting for them CoC users..
- Summoners are nerfed to the ground.
- Exiles Everywhere Race is going to be even more ridiculous now.
- CTF bugfix, but we don't even have CTF? o_0
- Glacial Cascade, potential racing spell/build? Hopeso..
- Cleave, maybe now will see slight more use than Dual Strike+Splash..
- The leveling Quiver is going to have a Recipe? Interesting..
40/40 Perandus, can't believe I did it! :O
Damn, that just means I set the bar for all future Leagues... RIP >_<
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ROFL after a gave up my physical wander because of undiying evangelists magic packs you are going to nerf them, too late but better then never, very nice idea!!!
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huh, i wonder how easy invasion league will be now, it wasn't that bad to begin with

have you fought against haviri on a high level map?

imo only him and maybe the devourers were overtunned

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bad patch over all. the nerf on smoke mine is just stupid... who else was using it?
ohhhh boy

EDIT: Are you kidding me, it really is a Block Chance Reduction support gem? GGG, you did something without thinking. The lack of care you bring to balancing PvP is appalling.

While I consider you a friend, you're the one who isn't thinking here. Block has been hideously broken in pvp for as long as there has been pvp. Something needed to change to reduce its efficacy. Maybe this is the wrong method (I wanted to see an implicit nerf to block in pvp, not requiring a gem), but at least something is changing.

75% damage reduction in pvp with very limited investment is not reasonable. This will hopefully make it less ridiculous.
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