1.1.2 Patch Notes

Version 1.1.2:
Content and Features:
  • Added support for checkpointing. When you die in a non-hardcore league, you can choose between reviving in town or reviving at the last checkpoint. Checkpoints are made when you enter new areas or use internal teleporters within an area.
  • Added a new corrupted Skill Gem - Vaal Storm Call: Sets a marker at a location. While the marker remains, lightning strikes random enemies near it, dealing damage to them. After a short duration, a large bolt of lightning strikes the marker, dealing damage around it. When this happens, it will also set off the lightning at any other markers from this skill.
  • Added a new Intelligence skill - Glacial Cascade: Icicles emerge from the ground in a series of small bursts, each damaging enemies caught in their area.
  • Glacial Cascade is first available to the Witch, Templar, Shadow and Scion from "The Caged Brute" in Normal difficulty.
  • Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Support Gem - Block Chance Reduction: This is a recipe-only support gem intended to have a PVP focus. It reduces the chance to block or spell block supported skills.
  • Added five new Unique items, four of which were designed by our supporters. One of the new Uniques is a map.
  • Added two new cosmetic microtransactions: Seraph Weapon Effect and Seraph Footprint Effect.
  • New recipes have been added for the Block Chance Reduction Support Gem, and the new low level quiver unique. The recipe for Cartographer's Chisels has been extended.
  • Ground Slam's visual effect has been updated.
  • 3d art has been added for the following items: Atziri's Splendour, Rearguard, Drillneck and the alternate art Blackgleam.
  • Added two new achievements: "Hostile Territory" and "Behold My Army".
  • Introduced two new Rogue Exiles: a Templar and a Scion.
  • Introduced two new Invasion Bosses into the pool of Invasion Bosses.
  • Added a new Map Mod - Antagonist's: Rare Monsters each have a Nemesis mod.
  • Several corrupted secret area bosses and Invasion bosses have new visual effects.
  • Flamebearers in the Sceptre of God now have a new golden skin.

  • Substantially rebalanced Invasion bosses, including changing their abilities. Many of the more extreme ones are now easier. Corrupted secret area bosses and Rogue Exiles were also updated in this process.
  • Arc and Vaal Arc have had their damage increased by 60%. Arc and Vaal Arc can now no longer chain back to the same target immediately, but must now bounce one more time. Arc now increases in chain counts as the gem increases in level.
  • Poison Arrow's damage has been increased by 8% at level 1, scaling up to an increase of 75% at level 15 of the gem.
  • Reduced Cleave penalty from -30% to -20%.
  • Shockwave Totem's pulses have been sped up from 0.75 seconds to 0.60 seconds each.
  • Arctic Breath's damage has been increased by 42% at level 1, up to an increase of 95% at level 15.
  • Flesh Offering now grants 30% attack, movement and cast speed at level 1, up to 40% at level 21 of the gem.
  • Glacial Hammer now has specific PvP raw scaling, so that it does 30% less damage in PvP situations. This is on top of existing PvP scaling.
  • Smoke Mine no longer teleports your minions with you when detonated.
  • Monster versions of Molten Shell now require more damage to set off at higher levels.
  • The "of Fracturing" map mod now gives 30% additional quantity and has been made rarer.
  • Undying Evangelists now appear less frequently within their packs.
  • Undying Evangelists' Proximity Shields have a shorter duration, and they use it less often.
  • Atziri now removes curses correctly when she enters her mirror phase.
  • Increased the drop rate of rare Vaal Fragments.
  • Reduced the drop rate of Vaal Orbs.
  • Some Rogue Exiles now use Vaal skills.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where using Desecrate in the Eternal Laboratory in the Invasion League would generate different monster corpses than in other leagues.
  • Fixed a bug where Chain and Fork did not work correctly with Vaal Power Siphon.
  • Fixed a bug where Dominus in the Palace Map did not correctly trigger his monster spawners when entering his second phase.
  • Fixed a bug where aura skills linked with totems and trigger gems could be cast manually in addition to being triggered.
  • Fixed a bug where Demigod's Bounty had no vendor sell price.
  • Fixed a bug with Strongbox monster spawning where some monsters would fail to be created.
  • Claw Nodes in the Shadow and Ranger areas have had their art corrected.
  • Fixed a bug where Exiles that were supposed to have the Resolute Technique Keystone were not always hitting.
  • Fixed a bug in Capture the Flag where, if a player died while converted, he would resurrect on the wrong team.
  • Unset Ring's 2D Art has been corrected to not be the same as that of the Voideye unique.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not get to The Desecrated Shrine in Descent races.
  • Fixed a bug where Sarn Arena announcements did not attribute minion kills correctly.
  • Fixed various issues with the sync and functionality of Atziri's Flameblast.

We hope you enjoy 1.1.2! Thanks again for your feedback and ongoing support!
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Completed 16 ChallengesDreggon wrote:
Will checkpoints be disabled for cutthroat leagues or maps?

For maps it will checkpoint at the Eternal Lab. It currently has the option for Cut-throat. We'll see how that works this week!

reboticon wrote:
Fix Sacrifice At Midnight drop rate, please.

This is in the patch notes!
Lead Developer. Follow us on: Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Contact Support if you need help!

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