Content Update 1.1.1 has been Deployed!

I prefer to be surprised randomly with some patch notes. No need for a warning, Chris :)
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I prefer surprise patches!
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seems like a really great patch!

i don't play invasion, but i read on reddit that a lot of people were upset about the balancing and risk/reward of the invasion bosses.

this seems like a great step!
I liked the surprise patch but half an hour warning of a server shutdown is a bit short. Some difficult maps or Atziri kill might take longer than that. I would prefer to get the notice at least an hour or two before.
I like the mix of surprise patch/warning patch! If it is only warning patch, the wait can be tedious, and if only surprise patch it can become an annoyance that you never can prepare for balance changes etc! Mix more fun :)
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Surprise Patches please!
Without wanting to be a kill joy, you did kinda announce this patch a week ago Chris...

These patches went well - there are more coming next week including hopefully the larger 1.1.1 update!

...and you were teasing content from it yesterday.

Don't limit yourself. If you find the upcoming patch just too exciting to keep quiet, tell us. If you'd rather keep it a surprise, keep quiet!

Just don't stop the daily news updates 'cos I look forward to opening my browser to fresh news every lunch time. :)
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You should release them right away. When I got on the website and saw 1.1.1 deployed today I was like OMG already deployed I didn't see that coming ! (and I read after that you specified you did it abruptly)

I liked it, surprise ! update. No long waiting periods of agony =P
It was like, 'surprise! buttsex!' but waaaayyy better.
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