Content Update 1.1.1 has been Deployed!

Chris wrote:
Ship 'em as you finish them IMO.

I agree, but the question is more about whether to start mentioning them a week before they're going to be ready.

we don't want you to mention any patch notes 1 week or 2.3.4 week early

we just want u to release them as soon as they are ready!

surprise us!
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i think what ever is easiest for you guys, at the end of the day we still get a good patch, if its easier for you guys to post it 30 mins before hand then go for that. and then maybe if u do this people wont expect the patches as much and be moaning if its late or not on time because you had to fix something. which is ofc annoying and stressful for the guys at GGG.
people should appreciate how hard you guys work.
good job guys :)
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I enjoyed the "Oh wow this is ready now?" feeling of the surprise patch.
Chris wrote:
Ship 'em as you finish them IMO.

I agree, but the question is more about whether to start mentioning them a week before they're going to be ready.

if it's relatively quick fire content patches (say every 2 weeks), don't give us any warning. Those are the most likely to be delayed anyway (no fault of yours, that's just how life goes) and any delay would frustrate some members in the community and in turn, you.

if it's a big one that'll make us all go gaga and if you haven't released anything in a while, then yes tease us and give us a head's up so people know that there's actually something incoming to keep people hanging around longer :)
btw all ggg thankyou for fixing the PVP slain by "insertnamehere"

=) <3
I would like to say notice about a patch should depend on the time since the previous major update.

For instance, if something big like SoTV just went live, we're all occupied with playing and speculation (like where those Grief fragments take you) and a surprise path just adds to the excitement.

However, when its been a while since a major update, it would be better to give us more info about what's coming up, it keeps people interested and gives them something to speculate about.
Surprise patch would be my personal preference but I can definitely see players getting upset over the inability to plan in advance for balance changes made to the skillgems their build utilise.

The advantage over having no lead-up announcement is how you won't have to deal with letting players down should a feature or planned change fail to make it in on time.
I think I prefer the surprise patch. Knowing ahead of time is nice, but when they get delayed I become anxious. Tonight's patch was a pleasant surprise indeed!

E: However I think the larger content updates should still be announced ahead of time.
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Definitely enjoy this kind of release. Keep up the good work GGG!
Part of the success of many indie companies in recent years has been due to keeping their players as up to date as possible at every stage of development. If you're going to keep making daily posts, I would just keep us up to date on whats being worked on. You don't have to be specific in general on timelines.

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