Content Update 1.1.1 has been Deployed!

I like this way much more :)
Unique 3D art-
Surprise Patch FTW!! :)
Keep up the good work! This is some really nice changes/fixes.
Chris wrote:
Which approach do you prefer?

I really like unexpected patch like this one, that way people don't get hyped, they get surprised by the "random" patch release and the earth doesn't stop moving for them (some folks do become impatient when patches are announced in advance).

BTW, nice patch, I was initially disappointed with 1.1.0 patch because of no corrupt zones in maps, I still am but at least things are getting better. The Exile map mod is really awesome!
Tech guy
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Great work! Hopefully I'll be able to kill those pesky Invasion Soul Eater mobs now! haha :)

And for your question sir Chris, I would like that patches come as you finish your work on them, but sometimes a forum post explaining why some particular changes happened would be cool!
Surprise Patch all the way!!
It is better to not mention them because otherwise people constantly whine about when the patch is coming out.
"Danger is like jello, there's always room for more."
we all know there are no surprises thanks to alpha member intoxication

But surprise us 99.99%, anyway! It made my day
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I like big surprises, but the small things are quite enjoyable to be known etter imho, because we can plan how to behave according to the directon we're heading to :)

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