Content Update 1.1.1 has been Deployed!

TBH i prefer the "a wild patch appears" approach to the endless stream of "what's coming in just 1 week". It also saves you work, which i like, a lot. It is also much less disruptive to the trade economy, which i also like.
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Chris wrote:
Which approach do you prefer?

- less "we deploy 1.1.x on day x' and more '1.1.x when is ready about x days';


- changes to balance of game and additions should be announced IMO; except for legacy uniques maybe. 'in 1.1.x we are fixing this and that and doing X'

Hell of a mini-patch anyway. GG

I really prefer the surprise.
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we all know there are no surprises thanks to alpha member intoxication

nice troll attempt, 2/10 cause i answered.

for announcements, both strategies have their merits. some people like the hype before the patch and it certainly adds to their excitement towards the game to wait for the official announcement. and i like to read the speculations before bigger changes on how it could be implemented.

on the other hand, announcing early does let the excitement go too high for some and they're dissapointed cause they expected more.
having amazingly short downtimes for patches (which go down to no downtime at all for server only patches) gets normal after a certain time as well as having weekly content upgrades. people always expect more and more.

Completed 9 ChallengesChameleon wrote:
So what was the surprise?

this post says it all.

so i personally would like a mixture of both.

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I do like the surprise!

But Maybe in the future give some hints about what is coming but no date when you are planning to ship it. That way its still a surprise when you release it and you are still teasing us with awesome new content! <--- mirror Thread
you mentioned Atziri kills in ambush league only, does that mean that no one has yet to killed Atziri in invasion league?
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GGG why nerf flameblast? im disappointed. skill was rewarding for its time to cast and being vulnerable to everything at this point. now even on normal creeps with nice buffs to spell dmg and not bad items i have to cast it few times on normal mobs. that really sucks.
Nerfing everything is not a good way. start buffing skills to encourage builds. now there are only few viable alternatives. and to level up efficient many people play just this op searing bond. this is killing fun and thus killing the game
Make loot more rewarding. Less quantity more quality. give us more alternatives to lvl up. more alternatives for late game. now my plan for rewarding flameblast with tank zombies instead of so op discharge goes byebye and have to fully commit to summoner with auras like many other seen on servers, boring...

back to patch notes:
*good that you try balance bosses, please make them also more rewarding, and not only corrupted zone bosses
*good that there are new microtransactions for guys with money
*good that there are new uniques, hope there are not low level craps that cant be used later(mid to endgame)
*bad that you add new skill gems without balancing whole bunch already existing,imo:
- casters need more love with base damage on skills
- gems for fighters are fine but there is other problem - fighters need more love with base damage on weapons, its really hard to find mid game weapon that will kill things, and endgame weapons are even harder, too many things need to be rolled - increased damage, base damage, att speed, and to big difference in values can occur.
also problem with it is that also there is needed 4 or 5 sockets linked! too many things dependant on RNG (imo colours arent problem, chromas ez to obtain and are ideal currency to fit item to build)
i see it as only chance to find upgrade is too trade. and trading is bad, because if you want to buy something you need orbs. finding them is hard - so you have to sell anything, and selling is even harder. spam trade chat like a mad with hope anyone will respond instead of spending time on slaying monsters... it would be ok if i could spam when slaying anything but there are those {stale link} broken things and i have to not change zone....

few words i want to say about uniques - please make some sets with build enabling buffs, no need give us superman powers, just something that would be fun, something that can be midgame to early end game gear
also i would like uniques with scaling stats - weapons with modifier:
this item gain +1min+2max dmg per 5 hero levels would be usable for a longer time, and players could have fun with their item enabling a build for longer
scaling stat could be usefull also on armour, e.g. +1HP/lvl
numbers are just out of mind, but i have hope idea is good

Hope guys my feedback is usefull and anyone reads this:)
much love for you, your exile

P.S. love excitement when: "oh there is new patch, i wonder what is coming out, let's check!":)

Better dont quote me - often editing right after posting:)
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Chris wrote:
Ship 'em as you finish them IMO.

I agree, but the question is more about whether to start mentioning them a week before they're going to be ready.

Meh. Spare us all the speculation and pre-patch drama. Pop 'em like a Rare Devourer boss! =^[.]^=
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I like to be kept in the loop. Therefore, if possible, please let us know in advance.

Thanks for the great work!

PS: im a closed beta supporter and supported the game for almost two year but I have no title in the forum :( Not that I care much :D
patch announcing:a rough schedule, what/when to expect, with some fixes if changes become neccessary would be enough, IMHO. But prior to patching, I'd say an ingame warning of 30 minutes could be a bit too short if someone is on a tougher, timeconsuming mission (like some bigger maps, or Dominus/Atziri fight...) I'd expect at least one hour pre-warning (of non-critical patches ofc)
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