Content Update 1.1.1 has been Deployed!

Magnicon wrote:
Part of the success of many indie companies in recent years has been due to keeping their players as up to date as possible at every stage of development. If you're going to keep making daily posts, I would just keep us up to date on whats being worked on. You don't have to be specific in general on timelines.

I agree with this ^^
Any confirmation on whether or not anyone has entered the Sarn Arena at the same time as someone else?! (no one is doing PVP, address this maybe?)

nice patch BTW.

Chris wrote:
Ship 'em as you finish them IMO.

I agree, but the question is more about whether to start mentioning them a week before they're going to be ready.

I'd've liked a bit more warning on the flameblast nerf. I'm using it as a leveling skill until I have all the gems needed for what I intend to be my primary attack in place; with a few days warning I could've shuffled when I was playing vs doing other things enough to finish leveling before it was given the nerf if needed.
Any news about ball lightning skill gem?
I read it would be fixed for 1.1.1
Nive suprise patch! Thank you GGG!
When will season 7 begin? :)
I think you should work on the patches until they're ready.
And only when they're ready, you could make an announcement post like "Tomorrow patch 1.1.x will be deployed at XX:XX hour." with a few teasers of what to expect but no patch notes until it's deployed.

This way you still have the hype but will not have complaints like "OMG GGG you said the patch would be out Wednesday. We're Wednesday + 1 minute and still nothing. POE is dead, i'm dying. Chris Wilson took the money and emigrated in Argentina. You cheated us, i want my mommy"

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Chris wrote:
I agree, but the question is more about whether to start mentioning them a week before they're going to be ready.

As a player, I prefer to know about them ahead of time, because it adds excitement and anticipation.

As someone familiar with your side of the fence, I know well how annoying and stress-inducing advanced notices can be. The complaints and negativity that follow delays if something doesn't pan out or needs a bit longer, don't always feel great.

So, personally, I'm fine with either approach, whichever makes the work on the game more fun.
Advance notice is nice
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Hey :) One question: my loader is stuck in "Checking resources..." - is it normal when a patch deploys?


/Edit: works now.
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I like the surprise patch.

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