Content Update 1.1.1 has been Deployed!

30 min is too short of a notice. 2h? perfect. Poorjoys Asylum takes way longer than 30min when playing with 'barely' type character. loosing that one more chance for Ungils drop because realm restarts before reaching map boss hurts

also please rebalance soul cost for vaal skills (det dead for the start) and double dmg of vaal ground slam..

btw only nonengineers are excited about huge percentage gains over trivial base (corrupted rifts spawn rate)
I'd mostly prefer to see patch announcement beforehand, but a surprise patch is really nice thing to have from time to time.
warned us about the nerf before releasing surprise patch !
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Surprises are awesome! :-)
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I think it's best to just release when ready, no announced times or anything. That way you can deploy on your own timeline without worrying about promises that may or may not have been made, and people can just focus on playing the game rather than fretting over what the notes say without trying it out.
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New content comes faster than i can get my grubby greasy hands all over it :-)
Thanks a bunch guys.
As for the patches, personally, i don't really care knowing patch content beforehand, but on the other hand, it's bloody handy to know at least two days or so in advance if there's gonna be any significant downtime for a patch rollout. That way, i don't find myself at home, with a day off from work cursing at the servers being down for a few hours. If it's just a restart, that's less annoying of course.
Here's my vote for surprise patch. I think it cuts down on some of the negative speculation of, 'Oh, I bet they're going to nerf xxx,' and such. Send 'em out whenever you like :)
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Cool. Do not make us wait. Ninjapatch is the best patch.
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A few hours warning is more than adequate for a patch that might take 30 mins to an hour to deploy.

For longer downtime then a week's notice would be great.

That way if folk have planned to take time out to play, they can schedule around it.
surprise patches are the best

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