Content Update 1.1.1 has been Deployed!

I prefer the surprise! :)
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
I guess it is fine to mention the patches, as long as you release them on time :P
Chris wrote:
In the past we've given a lot of advance notice about patches, usually starting a week out or so. Today we deployed 1.1.1 abruptly with half an hour of warning. Which approach do you prefer?

If there is significant down time: Some warning would be nice.
Otherwise: ship 'em as they're done.
I guess it is fine to mention the patches, as long as you release them on time :P
this is why it's better to just give us some clue as to what is coming but don't give us the exact time it's coming out so there is less QQ'n about it.
I think its better to have a surprise mini patch or even a big one.
The reason being is because that sometimes if not, most of the time, it affects the value of the currency or item in which are affected with the patch whether it will be "nerfed" or "buffed".
People start to attempt to buy or get rid of some items/currency a week later when GGG release the balance/changes of items through the patch notes way before the actual implementation of the patch.
I think GGG should just do the patch and then post what changes AFTER the patch.
But I don't think you should do this to all patch notes though.
GGG can still show some preview of maybe upcoming gems/skills/micro transaction/bosses/content, just not the changes being made with items that are already in game.
Surprise me!
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Seems like not announcing the patch a week before prevents people from writing senseless "First" posts...
I vastly prefer knowing ahead of time. Two reasons. First, I can plan to be free at that time, and enjoy the excitement of searching for new uniques. Second, that way I'm not always hoping it'll come out and it doesn't each day. I don't want to sit there and think 'it's been two weeks, should be any time now!' and have it be a big patch that takes another week or so, logging on each night only to not find a patch.
I prefer this method. Announce patch on release. The surprise is great. Also you save yourself a lot of time compiling stuff to report, which could otherwise be used more productively in other matters.

Oh and, giving us a heads up of an upcoming patch, creates too much anticipation and expectation, which may result in disappointment. Whilst a pop patch is always good (no time to build that expectation).
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I think this way works pretty well for the weekly/bi-weekly content patches. Just keep telling us about stuff you're doing (the new skills you've got coming, new microtransactions and so on), but you don't need to tell us exactly when. We're not bent out of shape waiting if something gets delayed and it's a pleasant surprise when it does come up.
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