Content Update 1.1.1 has been Deployed!

Flameblast needed the nerf and the buff from the original. I 3 shot piety before the nerf, but only because it took 3 times to proc the burn damage.
I think it would be awesome if you guys at GGG announced things like this a day or two beforehand so that we can go over what is changing in builds and what ever else plus it would allow people to get excited but not over-excited.
I like the short notice. If it's a week or so, the patch is already "old news" in my head.
I like surprises, when they're good.
With the patch GGG goes in the right direction.

At first I was a little bit disappointed from the expansion. I am glad that GGG listens to the community - thanks!

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I like the surprise patches more.
Please use more rubberbanding. I don't care if everything is jumping around on the screen, noone cares, everyone's using a oos macro anyways. Everyone's hitting their oos button every time they run into a big pack. Rubberbanding is good, please do it more.
Nightmare90 wrote:
I like the surprise patches more.
IGN: Scordalia_
Chris wrote:
Ship 'em as you finish them IMO.

I agree, but the question is more about whether to start mentioning them a week before they're going to be ready.

Theres two sides to this. Telling us a week in advance will give us time to prepare for anything new, or any new additions. However, i am still for the abrupt patch.. it was really a very nice suprise.
IGN: Truth_Tempest
Any updates on the Atziri themed microtransaction? Would love to see it in it's full glory.
Exhale the warm air, wipe the mirror to the soul
As I tossed all my "sorry" to the sky.
+1 for 30 minute surprise.

love it.

Also gives you a chance to just release whenever you feel, instead of feeling pressured.
Art takes time, and patience. And its a shame to release it before it is complete.

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