Today's 0.11.0d Patch and the upcoming 0.11.1 Patch

which will contain dozens of new pieces of helmet art

All I wanted to read. Thank GGGod!
Evasion Lolipower
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Such an awesome news, you guys are the best!

Chris, one question: will 0.11.1 include the changes to make evasion better that Brian mentioned earlier?
IGN: Iworkeout
Still wandering around Wraeclast looking for my Pants !!!

<3 loveya GGG!

keep squashing those bugs and bots!
Don't Touch my Sweep please GGG!
Completed 18 ChallengesJadran wrote:
Um, I hope by "instance rollbacks" you don't mean Ctrl+clicking on the entrance / waypoint to create a new instance to refarm it... Otherwise I'm content I don't know what you're talking about :)

No he means perhaps use exploits/bugs to force a crash i guess so that the server "rollsback" your character. Just an example. What you are talking about is a "feature" ;)
Good news - as always. :)
IGN: ChristmasNinja
Man, this game's still evolving :) Keep up the good work :)
With every post you doing great work GGG. Thank you!.
nice art!

pd: No pants 4ever! :)
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Chris wrote:
Will that also include 3D art seen outside of the inventory? That is key.

Yes, and it's amazing. Honestly, most of them are as awesome as the microtransaction helmets we sell.

Can't wait to see them!

Also you started updating the Unique Shields with custom 3D-art/models, and they look great! Is there any hope for armor/gloves/weapons with custom models?

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