Today's 0.11.0d Patch and the upcoming 0.11.1 Patch

If Simula and Covenant will be "fixed" a lot of builds will lose survivability. It has to be compensated for. CI builds are already a bit stronger than life and this will only make the situation worse.
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While I don't deny that the majority of the population might find the unique useless, do understand that every unique (other than a couple I suppose) has some form of use in some kind of niche build. After all, isn't that what most uniques are for?

In general, I agree but I also think that "mandatory drawback" is in some cases exaggerated and Coventant is good example - BM and reduced life...

Remember that the Covenant is only -20% reduced life, not less life! So it basically negates about 3 passive nodes of HP. The drawback isn't as big as some people seem to think.
If Covenant and Simula are nerfed, so should Alpha Howl and taking out BM/RM gems after casting an aura.

As a result, putting on 2 auras will take 4 slots, permanently. I think it will be hard to take on more than 4 auras for a HPbased character. Lets say helm and boots are taken for auras. Chest is for primary attack skill. Gloves for secondary attack. That leaves weapon and shield for curses, EC, Immortal Call, Decoy Totem. So from 7 auras HPbased build go to 4 auras, a 43% less auras.

IF Alpha Howl is nerfed, as a CI I will have to take off 25% of my auras, that is one of: Grace, Determination, Hatred, Discipline/Clarity.

edit: as far as Simula/Covenant viability is concerned, I am yet to see a build suitable for running maps with it.
If your game is about doing Normal/Cruel over and over again to try out each and every niche unique build, well ok, each to its own. I, for one, will not make a statement that those unique item are usable for more than 1% of Wraeclast population for something else than 'put on auras and take it off'. Basically each non-CI build I saw used those items only to equip auras.
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Not sure why you are crying so much fixing things that aren't obviously working as intended.

Why should you keep effects that you get from chest piece you aren't equipping? We could as well let you keep Koams +1000 hp and let you swap to other chest piece with 6L and more armor :D
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that aren't obviously working as intended

For me, it obliviously works as intended, considering that it is not only such mechanism in game (hint: do you know how minions work?), but maybe there is some list of mechanism that don't work as expected I'm not aware of. Continuing expectations, I expect that you are also using this mechanism, taking into consideration that you play in HC leagues and have to take any precautions.

And I checked, that if I'm to use only 4 auras I can fit into my mana pool (and it's using Alpha) I will loose ~23% DPS and ~28% of armor (of course if they don't nerf IR). And as I wrote, from doing maps 72-74 lvl I will be degraded to maps 68-69 lvl.

For me it's EOT, I explained my approach, my reasoning and my calculation and I'm waiting for official statement from GGG in this case.

Anticipation slowly dissipates...
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I agree with the others here. I think something should be done about the problems with snapshotting auras with different uniques to min/max. Okay we can agree that is not something you HAVE to do, but if you avoid it right now - you are simply less cleaver to say it in a polite way.

Like every time you log in or die (for softcore players) you have to spend twice the time applying you shit, switching gems, switching armors.

Juzz has a good point here. Its not intended for you as a Shavonne user to swap for covenant so you can equip 3x 40% auras and 1x 30% (hatred) on your life. You can pull off this trick if you have 10% mana reservation in the skill tree.
I tried this out and in the end I was running with 8 auras no problem and still only having half of my mana pool reserved. I think that is not intended with a non-EB build.

Also, if we are to have less auras, please make them look cool again! Perhaps with less flash/lazor style. The new layout is a bit boring.
Great work, love the helm art!
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As I stated above, for me it is not exploit....

Well, you can state as much as you want to :). If GGG says its a bug/exploit, than it is a bug/exploit.

Its that simple trust me.
As an alternative to bump I will ping for the SFL (Self Found League).
Remember, the SFL (if done the way we want it) will require me to buy more stash space. And if I'm very happy with SFL I'll buy some bling for my character (I already love my pet Kiwi).

Thanks GGG.
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Chris wrote:
Yeah, it's possible to apply currency items multiple times with a server crash. It's rare that they make their way onto the live realm (search the patch notes for "instance crash" or "server crash") and we generally fix them a few hours after they first happen, but sometimes someone makes an effort to abuse one and we have to do cleanup. This has only happened twice during Open Beta, I think, and I'm pretty sure no items made it out to the economy.

Hmmm... so you will ban a player for doing something that they don't know shouldn't work that way because of a bug in your game? Strange way to treat your customers. On the other hand if the player knows it's a game bug (instance crash) and continues using it I can see why you ban. It must be nice to know who is ignorant and who is an exploiter.
"You've got to grind, grind, grind at that grindstone..."
No joy in Mudville... no joy in Wraeclast.

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