Will the Sanctum League go Core?

Ah, so the Ultimatum treatment of "No, for realsies guys, we totally gonna implement it eventually...lol"
sad story : sanctum is one of my favourite league . I can even say: it's as good as harvest league was. Thanks alot!!!
The league was so good !!! keep up the good work on CONTENT!

Good job.
It was my favorite league ever, so very sad that it'll not go core.
You said the same thing about Ultimatum and recombinators/sentinel league content.

Still, years later, nothing.

Hopefully your "rework" doesn't take 10 years.
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
Of course it won't go core.

It is forbidden.

One day, it will be legalized, and it will go core then.

that lets players specialise in it if they want to, but doesn't force it on players who prefer the base game.

Yep, I did not enjoyed when i get sucked in middle of mapping with characters that were not designed for Sanctum runs. Placing totems, mines or traps and then clicking on loot and getting into vortex by accident was not fun.
Personally, I'd rather have an option (on map device or atlas tree) that gives from 5% to 10% chance for the Sanctum vortex to appear on the map and be able to save the room on the account instead on the character.
I hope this could be QoL we see in some upcoming leagues, at least on ones that have such steep immersion as Forbidden Sanctum had.
This is indeed sad news all around. Mostly, I find it disappointing that grinding for a perfect Sanctified Relic, ostensibly the point of the league mechanic, will not go legacy but will be literally deleted.

As someone who enjoys the trophy collection of having characters and their progression per league be the trophy itself, it's disheartening to see time and effort be wiped clean. While I can understand (albeit completely disagree with) the balance of Sanctified Relics and their exclusivity being the primary reasons for their deletion, I would much prefer if the slot for equipping them was deleted and the relics themselves remained. Rendering them unusable until such a time as they can be reintroduced (or not) would be preferable to having my progression deleted.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sanctum league and felt it was extremely polished and rounded out. I actually think it could use some reward buffing overall to compete with other league content in terms of time/currency generation. But, there's no question everything worked well and could be tuned up or down rather easily given the inherent nature of boons/afflictions/rewards.

Having run several hundred (maybe 1k?) Sanctums and never having seen any of +charge/stat stack/reservation/aura effect mods, I can say with absolute certainty that the ease of acquisition of any specific relic is tuned to be extremely punishing as there is no luck protection mechanics in place. I would hope to see some kind of relic shard mechanic where x shards (100ish runs/mod) let you craft an affix on a relic or perhaps give it the Labyrinth treatment of seeing 2-4 Relics at the end of the run to select from.

Excellent league.

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