3.20 End-of-League Events

Awesome stuff! Good to see you still being risky and trying out some niche stuff.
GroupSF is a very cool concept and gives some love to group play in general.
cynic1984 wrote:
unfortunately none of these are interesting to me at all and very odd concepts that have no appeal other than the struggle. i kinda expected endless sanctum or other endless modes and maybe battle royal with updates. GGG never lets us experiment with crazy power only the other way around so some crazy power creep mode would be exciting as hell. im not even going to level to 45 in ruthless for a box. im tired of the slog of campaign already without ruthless rules

Last time they gave us crazy power, bad things happened. See Harvest discussions.
I think it is generally a better idea to lower the power creep in events rather than increase it.

Ruthless with Gold: If the crafting bench, Horticrafting station and Expedition NPCs had prices entirely in gold, Harvest and Expedition dropped gold, the crafting bench gained the unlimited function of every standard currency item but priced in gold, all currency items were converted to gold, and the league was SSF rather than Ruthless trade, I'd give this a whirl.

The rest are all group events, so I guess I'll wait for the next league instead, but excited for that.
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vendors could sell unidentified items exchange with gold coins, like vendor Gwennen, the Gambler. That is similar with other arpg games like torchlight and diablo.
Worschtsupp wrote:
Nice concept, but why only group-play?
What is there for solo-player?
Most of the players already skipped and won't come back until the new league and you force me to find people in the already smaller player pool?
Guess, see ya on April...

Isn't it always for a solo player when events are made, why does everyone have to complain when they do an event for the other player base. Kind of selfish.

Am wondering where all the complainers are at when they do events that people actually cannot participate in, like a talent show where a large majority of people have no chance of winning so don't even bother participating (which gave good prizes btw) or boss kill events on league launches that only streamers and racers win.

But no when it comes to an event for a different player base people complain when it's already been done many times in a different form.
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Applaud the creativity. But am going to pass on this one.

Unless I am misunderstanding how the group play aspects are going to work I think they'll need to beef up some of their community finding tools to make something like this shine.

Think this would be great for people in a guild already or that have friends playing the game. But lots of solo players will probably stick to other games until the new season launches.
can yall please come out with some real events and not this ssf stuff think of trade players and no one wants to play ruthless
i mean thats good for group players , but i play solo , is there nothing for solo players ??????????????????
Not going to play any of the events.

How about a fun event for standard players with no need to run the Acts?

Custom build your maps:
Double monsters mod
Currency only drops mod
Leveling mods for characters 90+: less loot and more experience
Choose your map mods; up to 10 (x chaos per mod) loot to match mods

Fix melee and I'll buy supporter packs again

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