3.20 End-of-League Events

Nice :D
06lom wrote:
Sachtefahrn wrote:

Last time they gave us crazy power, bad things happened. See Harvest discussions.
I think it is generally a better idea to lower the power creep in events rather than increase it.

what do you call "bad things"? that you can make good gear and play any build, not only meta shit that broken this patch? harves was best thing ever that this game had or, probably, will have

I call things bad, that were meant to be an experiment in regards to future developments, that turn out to be so impactful on the casual player base and (for different reasons) the no-lifers alike, that the end of the experiment overshadows the upcoming developments in a harmful way.

Harmful, because the lower power level after the experiment caused players to lose individual progress (e.g. killing a certain boss for the 1. time or reach Level XY the 1. time) that they were only able to achieve because of the high power level during the experiment.

Genstein wrote:
Ruthless with Gold: If the crafting bench, Horticrafting station and Expedition NPCs had prices entirely in gold, Harvest and Expedition dropped gold, the crafting bench gained the unlimited function of every standard currency item but priced in gold, all currency items were converted to gold, and the league was SSF rather than Ruthless trade, I'd give this a whirl.

The rest are all group events, so I guess I'll wait for the next league instead, but excited for that.

man, its ruthless, there is no crafting bench and expedition/harvest is totally nerfed in this mode. i doubt if you can get 1 harves in 10 maps and 1 reforge from couple of encounters

Genstein wrote "if".
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Ok, ok, so casual players are NOT players OK)) TNX GGG....
It's very sad to see that all game events oriented on HC\SSF and now for +1 Ruthles... ok but what about other people???
Thx for more time to play diablo 4 beta in March
yea np thanks requiment Friends well im out...
These events looks very promising, but 99 % of the time I play, I always solo.
That's kinda sad, not gonna lie.

Will definitely look at twitch though!
Events are great, thank you!

Except these. These suck.
TizeNO wrote:
Another testing ground for poe2. Hope this poe2 will be good, because all of your resource is going that way, poe1 is like abandoned or just testing ground for poe2.

Not 'or'... 'and'. Apart from that...

... yep.
"Boah, is echt lächerlich, wie schnell das hier lädt, wenn nich irgendwelche Penner mit MTX hier rumhängen."
When do they start?

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