3.20 End-of-League Events

Gold coin changes huh... So guess we just need 11 years for a trade revamp tryout, lol....
Gold league sounds amazing. Hoping the community really takes it on and Trade adapts to using gold.

There's a reason that humans changed from bartering to a currency system thousands of years ago. It reduces complexity - something that PoE sorely needs.

In the Ruthless with Gold event, enable the Perandus League function to let trade coins for rares with Cadiro Perandus.

As we'll play on Ruthless-rule, the loot pool will be very limited, so this feature can be very welcome.

Hate it.....hate everything about it. Weeks of events where you literally CANT play solo?! What the actual F?

Ruthless with gold is...not ruthless but also....not PoE. So its not harder, its not easier, and theres basically nothing creative about it except ooh there's gold to buy all the useless items that are sold by merchants. People aren't going to trade in gold because...theres still nothing to buy! It will hold no value on its own. Hell, even if it WASN'T ruthless...it wouldn't work much better.

Took them months to think of these ideas?
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Super creative!! Loving it GGG - Thank you for all of your hard work :)
I was ready to play almost anything since I have tons of time to game.

Really? Really? Wow. Hard pass here (face palm). Wow.
it looks like soo much fun... group SSF finally!!! and this small events...
Na hard pass and fail.....
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Can you do a non-ruthless with gold?

Also please do guaranteed rewards and stop with this random draw.
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Sachtefahrn wrote:

Last time they gave us crazy power, bad things happened. See Harvest discussions.
I think it is generally a better idea to lower the power creep in events rather than increase it.

what do you call "bad things"? that you can make good gear and play any build, not only meta shit that broken this patch? harves was best thing ever that this game had or, probably, will have

Genstein wrote:
Ruthless with Gold: If the crafting bench, Horticrafting station and Expedition NPCs had prices entirely in gold, Harvest and Expedition dropped gold, the crafting bench gained the unlimited function of every standard currency item but priced in gold, all currency items were converted to gold, and the league was SSF rather than Ruthless trade, I'd give this a whirl.

The rest are all group events, so I guess I'll wait for the next league instead, but excited for that.

man, its ruthless, there is no crafting bench and expedition/harvest is totally nerfed in this mode. i doubt if you can get 1 harves in 10 maps and 1 reforge from couple of encounters
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