3.20 End-of-League Events

Very interesting, however I do think it was a mistake to make all of the weekly events a group ssf thing, I feel completely left out.
third and fourth seems fun,will not play ruthless because ruthless is just not fun,and the second seems to be third player ,will play third and fourth with my friends
We play POE because we don’t have friends. Don’t force us to be social. QQ
Ugh. Boring.
Won't be playing much PoE during March it seems. That's a shame. Was looking forward to some wacky stuff to extend the league with, even if it was repeats of old stuff.
I got a old Rig i7-8700k with a 1080ti and have fps drops while playing in a Group,thats why i dont play in a Group at all.

So wtf are those Events? Atleast give Solo Players some Events too?!

Not everyone enjoys Company and a Screen packed with Minions/Explosions/On Death Effects etc.

unfortunately none of these are interesting to me at all and very odd concepts that have no appeal other than the struggle. i kinda expected endless sanctum or other endless modes and maybe battle royal with updates. GGG never lets us experiment with crazy power only the other way around so some crazy power creep mode would be exciting as hell. im not even going to level to 45 in ruthless for a box. im tired of the slog of campaign already without ruthless rules
Sounds cool but unfortunately I still have a gazillion Sanctum floors to run for 40/40 challenge "11/17 Definitive Deviation"...
Wait a minute, at first i thought this is obviously some sort of a joke or a prank but now i'm actually getting worried this is a serious post and these are the events we are getting...
can we have PLEASE atleast normal events on top of it to please teh people you obviously NOT reach with this? comeone you cant give us JUST that.... in exchange for keep us waiting another month.

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