3.20 End-of-League Events

#Forever alone
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Mayhem ......
I was not going to buy diablo4 but this made me do it just so i can play the beta...
This was the perfect opportunity to enable players to run Sanctums, which I very much doubt will be going core, without the god awful grind of 32 maps to be able to do so.
Why didnt you do this instead?
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Group SSF? WTF is that?

If you have a group you can trade...
So this one's a little complex to explain, but makes a lot of sense once you understand...

At the end of the week, whichever group has the best time is the winner.

That is the opposite of complex as everyone already has a good idea who the winners will be.

Can you ever do a community event where the winners aren't the same people time and again? Stop doing timed events -or- start excluding accounts which have won events in the past from claiming prizes. At some point you have to realize this is an absolute non-starter for so many people.

Preferably, You would just go back to the short races where players who participate would earn progress to an alt art reward based on their ranking. Even less skilled players would get something special out of the events if they participate in enough of them. You can shower the speed boys with all the rewards they deserve but everyone else still earns consolation rewards that are unique to the event.

You've been on record about this in the past: "it's a lot of work". Well get to work then. Reading 28 pages of reaction to this announcement has been a resounding "Who is this for?".

Create categories of axis which are all modular; Event duration, location, leagues, map mods, classes, skills--each one of these can rotate and you can include 2-3 categories or all of them. If you came up with 5-6 categories and 5+ options for each category, you can mix and match these all day (and given they're short events, players will naturally miss out on some and want to run them if/when they repeat):

1 hour infinite ledge torment witch-only
2 hour campaign BLAMT

Even if some of them are not that fun, it's only for an hour or two. Additionally, have some of the tougher/longer events overlap for some portion; locking the try-hards into winning one at the opportunity cost of another. I like the idea of the krangled passive tree because players can't pre-plan it--imagine if players didn't know the nature of these events going into them, they only knew the start and finish times?

I don't buy the excuse that it's too much work. You just need to get the framework done once and you can run this at the end of every league. If alt art takes too much time, reward players with foil legacy uniques or something (it's not like you care about standard's economy after swapping exalts with divines)

zsirfoka wrote:
Group SSF? WTF is that?

If you have a group you can trade...

yes, it's basically "group selffound".

but in the age of players dropping orbs it doesn't really matter?
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill!
The ”Gold” event is ok to play as a normal event to have fun with, but the ssf i am gonna pass.

Thank you for the events.
Pretty disappointing. Why would you only make events targeting niche segments of the player base.

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