3.20 End-of-League Events

If I want to run Polarity with only one other friend, how do we make sure we have opposite Polarity-values, if they are randomly distributed?
poggers, i will be playing Last Epoch multiplayer than but those ideas sound really great!
i think its a very very cool end of league event, almost like an entire mini league with those gold mechanics. People salty about this forget that we get a fully new experience in about a month for free too, I dont get it.
Is this an out-of-season April's Fool joke?
Добавьте это в ублок, чтобы сайт выглядел по человечески.
wow i know they dont balance around console but this is a joke, i play games to escape from the real world and think about other shit, but nope even poe is wage gated, thanks for the reminder that im poor yall
If I played in groups this looks like it would be fun, but I don't, so I'm unfortunately out for most of those events. For those that play in parties though, enjoy!

I guess I'll do the Ruthless event to 45 to get the box and see what the gold coins thing feels like. Otherwise, back to Sanctum, which I'm enjoying quite a lot.
YAY, only gotta get 45 and then - free march !!
solo leagues event are suxx. only for streamers, meh
Verrrry interesting. Nice switch.

I'm ruthless'd out, and a solo player, so I'll likely just push my last build to 100 in Sanctum, but well done on the fresh take.
Why are half the events group only?

I don't think very many PoE players (or arpg players in general) play in groups.

Really disappointing
85% of your playerbase are solo players and you only give us ruthless or coop. Man how out of touch are you guys

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