3.20 End-of-League Events

daiverok wrote:
Rafe13 wrote:
Arguably the best league, followed by the worst end of leauge events I've ever seen.

Ruthless is not fun, at all... and who are the ssf group events intended for?

We could have had a real blast, but no... sighhhhh.

Best league ? For me the best was an Expedition.
The dungeoncrawler idea is very exiting, but, at least, for me - get slaughtered by stupidity of resolve mechanics.

Ruthless - totally agree, this mode should call useless, not ruthless.

Group events are for streamers only , i think. Regular poe player playing solo.
Poe is not really about partyplay, so...
meh. those group events piss me off, gonna skip

Best league is definitely subjective for each person.

Ruthless is meh for me. Played the Ruthless with Gold event and it's okay. I'm fine with the scarcity, no movement skills, etc., but the fact that Flasks don't generate/regain charges while flask is active is just a big NO for me. I can still get through acts, reach maps within 2-3 days as I NORMALLY do in each leagues (I'm slow like that), so there really isn't much difference between the pace for me. Maybe a bit slower if I were to play different builds but probably not much of a difference.

The group events...lol. If the intent was for people to watch streamers play it, well... I barely see any. They're lackluster besides the Krangled one which I'm kind of jealous of Console players for just because it's not a PRIVATE LEAGUE one I'm assuming. If it's still both private league AND SSF, well nevermind then. I like to play solo but also have a sense of community/social aspect via chat otherwise I'll just go play offline games lol.

Yeah this group shit is lame. Really only gave solo players 1 event to try...
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+++ Thanks for those nice events
Will deleted character from [ruthless with gold] event be still eligible for prizes ? Or do we have to keep them until the end of the league ?

I don't have any free slot anymore I think and I'd like to give krangled a try, to see how it feels .... but if that removes my chances of getting something from my other character ....
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.
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Nice nice keep up the great work :)
very nice
when are prized expected to be distributed?
Do we have to migrate our Ruthless with Gold characters in order to be eligible for the Ruthless event prize loot? Or do we have to wait for it until a certain date?

Thanks for your time :)

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